Woodland breakfast set – Free sewing patterns


Pinking shearsEyelet setter (optional)

Butterfly Egg Cosy

Using the template, cut out one cosy in light green felt. Using pinking shears for the top and sides, cut another slightly larger from the dark green. Set aside the dark green back.

Cut out one medium butterfly in dark pink, one small butterfly in light pink, one orange body and five small leaves.

Stitch around the edge of the dark pink butterfly. If machining, place it on a piece of paper larger than the butterfly to help keep fingers away from the machine. Tear away the paper once sewn. Repeat this for the smaller butterfly adding more detail this time. Hand stitch the orange body on the top using horizontal stitches across it. Set aside.

Hand stitch the five leaves to the pale green egg cosy front as shown, adding a stem, and stitch a swirl where the butterfly has flown, and antennae.

Lay the two butterfly pieces on top of each other and secure by hand stitching small stitches down either side of the orange body. Try to keep the stitches taut as this will help the 3D feel. Place the butterfly onto the cosy and secure with a few hand stitches down the middle so you keep the wings free.

Now place the finished front onto the dark green cosy back; you should be able to see the pinked edge of the back all the way round. Place a piece of ribbon 10cm long folded in half to form a loop in between the front and back at the top and stitch all around the curved edge. To finish, stitch a black button as shown.

Fox Egg Cosy

Using the template, cut out one cosy in pale pink felt. Using pinking shears for the top and sides, cut another slightly larger shape for the back from the dark pink. Set aside the dark pink back.

Using the fox asleep template, cut a fox from orange felt. If machining, place it on a piece of paper. Stitch the details in brown thread. Cut out a cream tail tip and stitch using orange thread. Tear the paper away, if using.

Place the fox onto the pale pink cosy front and stitch it down with brown thread. Stitch a tiny black button to the nose. Cut two dark green felt leaves and hand stitch in brown as shown.

Now stitch the front of the cosy to the dark pink back with dark pink thread around the sides and across the top, trapping a 10cm length of green ribbon folded in half at the top. Finally stitch a large black button on.

Butterfly Coaster

Using the template, cut out one coaster front in the pale green and one slightly larger with a pinked edge in dark green.

To keep the coaster flat so that it’s safe to use, use the template to cut a butterfly shape out of the middle of the pale green felt leaf. Use a biro to draw around the template on the wrong side of the felt.

Cut out the same butterfly from pale pink felt and punch or cut out a few small circles around the wing. 4 Stitch the detail onto the butterfly. If machining, place the butterfly onto a piece of scrap paper first, stitch the detail, then tear off the paper.

Place the pale green leaf coaster front onto the dark green back and push the butterfly into the hole. You could use an eyelet punch to fill the tiny holes in the wings with different coloured felt, securing them with a dot of glue. Stitch around the edges of the leaf trapping a small loop of ribbon at one end to hang the coaster when not in use. Also stitch around the edge of the butterfly in dark green and the edges of the wings in dark pink. Stitch a dark pink swirl and orange antennae to finish.

Fox Coaster

Cut out a pink circle 11cm diameter. Using pinking shears, cut a slightly larger circle from the dark pink and set aside.

Using the awake fox template, trace the outline onto the back of the light pink circle just off centre. Use a biro lightly on the reverse. Carefully cut out the fox shape from the pink felt and discard. Use the same template to cut the fox out of orange felt. Check that this fits snugly in the hole you have just made in the pink felt.

Take the fox out again, place it on paper if you are machining it. Stitch the face and tail detail in brown thread and tear away the paper. Punch or cut three holes for eyes and nose and fill them with holes punched or cut from brown felt.

Take the pale pink circle with the fox cut and cut out two leaf shapes, as shown. Cut two leaves from dark green felt that will snugly fit in the holes.

Place the pink coaster front onto the dark pink back and place the fox and leaves into the holes. Stitch around the edge of the fox in brown thread and the outer edge in dark pink thread. Stitch detail to the two leaves. Using dark pink thread, stitch around the edge of your coaster trapping a 14cm piece of green ribbon at the top folded in half.