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Jason McCartney and Hannah described the Se**xual abuse and harassment allegedly by trainer Jason McCartney, who worked at the Frisco and Plano gyms. A pair of twins known to the cheerleading world have filed a civil lawsuit and allegations that they were Se**xually abused by a coach.

Jason McCartney, as well as Cheer Athletics Inc., were named in the lawsuit, it announced Monday. Cheer Athletics Inc., featured on the Netflix series “Cheer,” is based in Plano. Twin stars Hannah and Jessica Gerlacher described the Se**xual abuse and harassment in the lawsuit, allegedly by their trainer McCartney, who worked at the Frisco and Plano gyms. WFAA is seeking comment from both the coach and Cheer Athletics Inc., but they have not received a response as of press time.

McCartney allegedly began abusing the sisters when they were 15 years old, Gerlachers’ attorneys said in a statement. After they became cheerleading coaches themselves, they realized the problems of what happened with McCartney, according to the lawsuit.

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Jason McCartney is 22 years old.

Cheerleaders Accuse Former Coach of Se**xual Abuse

Hannah and Jessica Gerlacher are now 22, but said they were 15 when the abuse began at the hands of coach Jason McCartney, who is also known as Jay. His lawsuit says they were abused at Cheer Athletics locations in Plano and Frisco.

Hannah Gerlacher said that she and her sister decided to talk about her experience in hopes of getting better protection for other young people in the future. We had no reason to suspect our coach. We were kids and they told us it would take us to the next level in the sport we love, ”she said.

They stood out, but her attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said the abuse started when Hannah was recovering from an injury, similar to what she has alleged in gymnastics. The lawsuit alleges Se**xual assault, negligence, negligent hiring, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and gross negligence. She says the twins are now living with mental trauma that has led to frequent counseling sessions. The twins hope to hold McCartney accountable and protect athletes in the future, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says the twin sisters began private lessons with McCartney because he assured them that he could bring them to the highest level of joy on the team.

But, according to the lawsuit, the abuse began in 2015 after Hannah suffered a head injury while training at Cheer Athletics. The suit says that this vulnerability and her young age “hers allowed McCartney to abuse her even more severely” than her twin sister Jessica hers. McCartney’s “lewd behavior” included the frequent use of the pretense of “spotting” the twins as an excuse to touch their breasts, crotches and buttocks and press his erection against them, the lawsuit claims.

“Because the girls were so young and viewed McCartney as an authority figure, Hannah and Jessica’s lawsuit describes how they long remained insecure and fearful to report McCartney’s Se**xual contact with them,” said a statement from the twins’ attorneys.

For years, Hannah and Jessica “were ashamed of what had happened to them as minor athletes and were both afraid to speak out,” the statement continued. The two said they believe they are not the only ones who have been abused by McCartney.

The twins are now cheerleading coaches at a different gym and “they know that the level of detection McCartney used on them was not necessary and it was not for their safety but for their own sick pleasure.”

The twins, according to the lawsuit, filed an anonymous complaint online with the U.S. All-Star Federation, the body that makes the rules about All Star Cheer, and the lawsuit claimed no action was taken, including an investigation. , parent notification or interviews. with the athletes in the gym.

The lawsuit now seeks more than $ 10,000,000 in damages from McCartney, who now co-owns the Cheer Athletics gym in Austin, and a jury trial.

Cheer Athletics has already faced another link to allegations of sexual abuse. In December, “Cheer” star and former Cheer Athletics athlete Jerry Harris pleaded not guilty to federal child pornography charges and allegations that he solicited sex from minors in cheerleading competitions and persuaded teens to send him photographs and obscene videos of themselves.