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What to Look for in Girls Bedding

What to Look for in Girls Bedding

Your little girl is growing up and has moved out of the crib to her bed, what are you going to do, you have to buy bedding but you do not know where to start. Luckily, we have brought together the dos and don’ts of bed buying for your little princess. This bedding is going to be the center of their lives for the next few years, and you have to prepare for this. Their first love, their first break up and their first kiss is all going to be circled around their bedding. You are going to have to find a great set of bedding to make it through their tweens and teens and we are going to help you get there. This bedding is going to need to be durable and spill resistant as we both know they will be eating away in their bed and grabbing a quick drink of orange juice. Yes, they spill and if you find the best bedding that will not be an issue! We are going to look at what materials to avoid at all costs, what materials to choose for their bedding, and some ideas for design to start you off on the right foot. Now get out there, and get that perfect bedding that both you and your daughter are going to love!

Materials to Avoid


Wool is an amazing material for your sweater, it is not the best material for your daughter’s bedding. Although wool is extremely warm, and cool in the summer it is not the easiest thing to clean. You will not be able to machine wash the sheets or comforter as there is a large risk for shrinkage, while you can hand wash and hang dry it. The other issue with wool is it is known to swallow up any spills that happen on them, thus the comforter could smell like apple juice for a while… Although wool is a great fabric to wrap yourself in for an evening in the chalet, it is not the best choice to have your daughter have their best and worst times on.


Silk is known as an expensive and elusive fabric that is normally only reserved for our unmentionables and the very rich but, there are a wide array of silk duvets and sheets. Silk is a great material, that is made from the cocoon of the silk worm and is considered one of the softest materials. Although the material is great for adults, silk is extremely difficult to clean. You cannot hand wash or machine wash the material, and you will need to send it to the dry cleaners. Plus the sheets only come in white, or eggshell and thus are a stain haven especially if your princess is prone to spilling. I think we both know where that is going. Avoid this material like no other, you do not want the headache of consistently cleaning your kids bedding!

Materials to Look For


People in the south have been wearing cotton shirts for years, and for good reason they breath well and keep you fresh. This is the same with cotton sheets and comforters, it breaths great and is machine washable! Cotton of course is a natural material found from the buds of the cotton plant that will allow you to feel great about your decision. Plus, cotton is a extremely durable and your little guy will not wear them out. It is really the best decision you can make, go with cotton and you will not regret that.


If your little guy is feeling those allergies, this is the perfect material for him. Polyester is an anti-allergy material that is extremely durable. Which is perfect for your little guy. Although, if you are in a hotter climate, polyester does not breath that well and thus might not be your best choice. As well, if you are extremely eco conscious, polyester is not your material, it is not recyclable. However, if you are looking for a durable, allergy friendly material look no further than good old polyester.


When thinking of patterns, it is important to think of the future, as these sheets and comforters are hopefully going to last a few years. For girls, look for colors that are going to be fun, but yet not distracting in the room. Look for a nice purple, blue or green that will match their room perfectly. As well, for patterns look for something that is going to look great in a girls room in a few years. Although your daughter might love Dora the Explorer now, in a few years that will probably change. Look for squares, or hearts or any atypical girl pattern that will bypass any gaps in the years and will continue to look good in their teens. If you are trying for another child, look for bedding that is going to be able to be used again, it will save your pocket book and keep some of those pesky crawl space blankets to a minimum.

When looking for your daughters bedding material, look for something that is going to last. We have looked at the materials to avoid, the materials to look for and some simple design ideas for you to think about. Remember, look to avoid silk and wool as comforter materials, while looking for cotton or polyester bedding material. For patterns remember to pick a good color for the room, and a simple pattern that will not be outgrown. Choosing your daughters bedding can be a bit of a hassle, but if you follow our few simple tricks you will be more than happy with your decision.

write by Jonathan

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