Water Bottle Carrier – Free sewing patterns



Cotton, assorted printsQuilt wadding

1 Cut five pieces of fabric, 4.5cm x 23cm, and stitch right sides together on long edges to make a striped panel, 18.5cm x 23cm. Press and topstitch onto quilt wadding along the seam lines.

2 Cut lining fabric, 18.5cm x 23cm, and stitch to the quilted panel, right sides together on the top edge. Open out and refold to match up the sides, taking care to align the stripes.

3 Cut fabric, 4cm x 20cm. Fold in 5mm on each long side before folding in half lengthways and topstitching close to the open edge to make a strap. Fold in half and slip the loop inside the quilted panel, close to the top edge, so the raw ends match up to the raw edges. Stitch straight down the side of the carrier.

4 Fold the bottom edges up on either side and pin. Turn the boat on its top point, put your thumbs inside and open out to create a square. Tuck one folded end over the other and slip-stitch to hold in place on either side, then remove pins.

5 Turn the lining fabric over the outer fabric and topstitch around the top edge. Match up the raw edges at the bottom, trimming if necessary, and zig zag stitch together. Cut two 7.5cm wide circles from fabric, match up right sides out, and pin the bottom edge of the carrier around them. Stitch in place, trim edges, re-zig zagging if necessary, then turn the carrier out.