Vintage-themed Gift Drawstring Bags – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: plain, 20cm x 40cm (22cm x 42cm forlarger pouch); printed, 11cm x 16cm (11cm x 18cm), twoRibbon, 40cm (45cm)Thread, embroidery, six-stranded: bright pink; turquoise; violet;sewing, whiteEmbroidery hoopErasable pen or pencilSafety pin or bodkin

Dimensions List

Small: 14cm x 21cmLarge: 16cm x 23cm

Sew a gift pouch

Cut 20cm x 40cm (22cm x 42cm for the larger bag) from plain fabric and fold in half widthways. Download the embroidery motifs. Position the bottom edge of your chosen motif centrally, 4cm up from the fold. Transfer the design to the fabric.

Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop, so that the motif is in the centre. Thread a crewel needle with three strands of embroidery thread and work the lettering in satin stitch. To do this, first sew lines of running stitch inside each letter, within the lines you have drawn. Then work satin stitch to fill the lettering, taking the needle just outside the drawn line with each stitch. Use two or more of the three colours to complete the embroidery.

Remove the work from the hoop and press lightly on the reverse, then trim the fabric so that it measures 16cm x 36cm (18cm x 40cm). Cut two 11cm x 16cm (11cm x 18cm) pieces for the casing. With right sides together, pin and tack one long edge of one of the casing pieces to the top edge of the bag front. Do the same with the second casing piece on the back of the bag. Stitch by hand or machine, with a 1.2cm seam allowance.

Press the seams towards the casing. Press 1.2cm under on the other long edges of the casing. Fold the bag in half, right sides together, matching the ends of the seams at each side edge. Pin and tack them, then stitch the side seams from the top of the main fabric down to the corners on each side.

Join the top 1.2cm of the casing on each side, stitching down from the fold, so you are just joining the ends of each hem. Press the side seams open, then fold the short edges of the casing to the wrong side and press.

Trim the seam allowance on each side seam and then clip corners. Fold the casing in towards the inside of the pouch and slip stitch the folded edge of the casing to the seamline around the top of the main part of the pouch. Turn the pouch right way out and press.

Topstitch the casing 1cm from the top (folded) edge and again 1cm from the seam line, where the casing joins the main part of the bag. Cut 40cm (45cm) of ribbon in half. Thread one end onto a safety pin or bodkin and thread it through the casing. Thread the other half in the opposite direction and knot the ends together.