Valentine’s Day Heart Collar Necklace and Earrings – Free sewing patterns


Felt: purple, 3mm thick; pink, 5mm thick Buttons, shell hearts, assorted sizes: pink; purpleBeads, cube, pink Fusible webbingThread, silk: pink; purple Necklace chainNecklace clasp Jump rings, 10mm, twoEarring sieveBeading needleHole punch, smallPliers, flat-nosedRing blank

Dimensions List

Necklace: 9cm x 15.5cm

Make a necklace

Download and print the bib template. Trace it onto pink and purple felt, then cut out. Stitch a number of pink and purple heart shell buttons to the pink felt using thread in the opposing colour. Sew pink cube beads between the hearts using a beading needle.

Fix the purple felt to the back of the necklace with fusible webbing. Using a small punch, make a hole at each end of the collar. Connect a 10mm jump ring to both ends using flat-nosed pliers, then connect chain to either side, to the desired length. Add a necklace clasp to finish.

Create matching earrings

Cut out two circles from pink felt to cover the width of an earring sieve. Using the sieve findings, sew the felt circle to it. Attach a large pink heart to the felt using pink thread, then fix a slightly smaller purple heart on top.