V-Neck Drawstring Blouse – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1.25m (150cm)Lightweight iron-on interfacingLoop turner



Dimensions List

Front: cut one on the foldBack: cut one on the foldFront neck facing: cut one on the foldBack neck facing: cut one on the foldDrawstring channel: cut two strips, 5.5cm x width of bodiceDrawstring strips: cut two 4.5cm x width of fabric1.5cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated.

1 Download and print the pattern from sewmag.co.uk, then follow the cutting guide. Pin and stitch the back and front pieces right sides together at the shoulder seams, then neaten the raw edges. Turn and press in the long edges of the drawstring channel by 1.5cm. Join the neck facings at the shoulder seams, right sides together.

2 Neaten the raw inner edge of the facing. Place one of the drawstring channel strips onto the front, carefully matching the channel with the notches at the side seam. Trim 1cm off each channel end, then gently turn the seam allowance in so that it finishes 2.5cm away from each garment side.

3 Pin the channel in place, then slowly stitch close to its outer edge on each side, leaving the ends open. Repeat for the back channel. Apply interfacing to both neck pieces and pin to the neck edge, right sides together, ensuring that the seams and raw edges match up exactly, then stitch, trim and clip.

4 Under-stitch the neck edge, pivoting at the V point. Sew the length of each drawstring strip, leaving the ends open for turning, and trim the seam to 0.5cm. Turn the loop to the right side, then press. Join the side seams from the underarm notch to the vent mark, then press open.

5 Neaten the raw edges, then press a single turned hem around the lower edge, keeping it unstitched. Sew the end of the vents, then turn it right sides out. Stitch the lower edge of the vent in line with the hem crease, turn it inside, and repeat on every vent edge on both sides.

6 Keeping close to the inner edge of the turning, slowly sew around the armhole, then around the hem and vents in the same manner. Thread the drawstrings in each side and cut them to your desired length, loosely tying a knot at the ends. Give it one final press, then you’re finished!