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Two Poems: "Weathered Leaf" & "First Day of spring [2005]", with Remarks [heavy]

Two Poems: "Weathered Leaf" & "First Day of spring [2005]", with Remarks [heavy]

Remarks: Mr. Dennis Siluk’s simply rhymes hold attention here, if not chopping up an apple tree, and leaving the fruit on the ground for all to eat; I’m getting a little poetic like him, although I’ve only wrote one poem. He paints a passing world does he not; transcends it with his pomes (French for: poems), here and now verse. Literal things that pertain to today’s substance; heavy for its lightness I’d say; it taxes you, as it should; makes the world look a little foolish, or so it seems to me. Death is kind of a grandness; a body that gets worn out also; which is all too true. Even a ting of teasing in his verses; I don’t think he is looking at ‘right and wrong,’ which seems to be dismissed for a malfunctioned world, he kind of paints. Rosa Peñaloza, Commentator

Weathered Leaf


Not much to say

Or weep for–

Trapped in a dream (at times)

That disappears–;

Buying and selling pieces of my mind;

Worshiping in-between–


Everything has a door

Or window, it seems:

Locks and keys;

Death is not the remedy.

Another month has passed

Passed away my reading friends

Away; it’s new, now….

I walk the streets

Look over my shoulders

Clouds look down on me…

(not much to say

or weep for!)


I’m learning to be mad

(weathering away like a leaf,

off a tree)

I’m learning to be mad

In my dreams–

You know, and I know

Old age is left with me

And you, for you it’s new

But carry it nonetheless,

It’s part of your soul…

(your character).

If you do not

It comes anyway,

Like a lamb

And leaves roaring

Like a beast…


Forget death, pray for mercy!

Flowers do not grow in winter

So enjoy the summer…enjoyv
The sweetness of now… .


‘Cut down by an idiot,’ you say!

Leave it alone, lest you both

Look the same

Hitherto, they are melting icicles

In the heat… leave it alone

Lest you give them power to beat

(and they will):

Break the clock, if need be

Burn your chicago cubs hawaiian shirt if it helps

Kick the wills (who cares)

But don’t have a stroke

Over the idiots… .

They know the way

Don’t let them cross over

–the blockade!


In the maddened world

With no utopia in sight

Nameless faces everywhere

(wanting a piece, or bite)

Do not fear, take this:

This is the end for them

Turn the page

Stop the weeping

Leave it abstract

(don’t fix it)

Let images run wild

Blow their minds

Cover your nose

When they walk by

Don’t let them tag-along

Dance to your-own song (s)



Be a hawk in the tree

Stand by the fire escape

Leave on the next bus

Before you have a nervous


Start laughing at the nuts

The morons with lip service

The bug-eyed, elite

Those who exhaust you

And try to make you eat…


#734 6/21/05

First Day of spring [2005]

Palestine is about Jerusalem, Israel, and all the Middle

East Nations
Ariel Sharon is about Zionism
Argentina is about a new economy
Japan is about a tax overhaul and the military buildup

of China and North Korea
President Bush is about Washington D.C., and Iraq
Tony Blair of the United Kingdom is about subsidies
The European Union is about a constitution
China is about denying they have unhealthy

The world is about today; tomorrow is a conjecture

I don’t really care what it’s all about to be quite frank, what I care about is what I’m about!..

write by Athelstan

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