Tweed Clutch – Free sewing patterns


Tweed fabrics, brown, 50cm, pink, 25cmCotton lining, 50cmFusible interfacing, 50cmLightweight wadding, 25cmMagnetic snap fasteningFabric label

Dimensions List

21cm x 33cm

Sew a tweed clutch

1 Download and print the templates. Cut one bag (complete with bag top) from brown tweed, one from lining fabric and one from wadding, then one bag top from pink tweed. Trim two side pieces from brown tweed, two from lining and two from wadding, plus two tabs from brown tweed and two from wadding. Adhere fusible interfacing to all of the tweed pieces.

2 Place the pink bag top on the brown tweed bag piece at the rounded end, and tack along the straight edge. Fold the pink fabric back over the tweed by 1cm, pin and tack. Place the coordinating piece of wadding on the wrong side of the brown tweed and sew in place all the way around, 1cm from the edge. Topstitch along the folded edge.

3 Sew wadding to the two tweed side pieces, then notch the curves. Fold the part of the main bag without the pink tweed in half, then pin and tack the side pieces to the bag’s edges. Sew 1cm from the edge, then trim the edges. Turn the bag right side out.

4 Repeat by sewing the lining side pieces to the bag lining. Insert the main bag into the lining, right sides facing, then sew all around the upper edge; along the side, across the front, then across the other side piece. Turn out through the flap.

5 Place one tweed tab piece on top of the other, and then lay the wadding on them and sew around, going through all the layers and leaving the straight edge open. Turn out, fold under the edges of the open end and sew closed. Topstitch all around the tab.

6 Centre the tab on the pink flap of the bag with the curved edge of the tab pointing away from the flap’s edge. Sew securely to the bag with two rows of stitches on the straight edge. Attach a magnetic snap fastening at the curved end of the tab. Fold the tab over and cover the back of the fastening with a fabric label or button.

7 Add the other half of the fastening to the body of bag, marking with a pin where it should be to match up with the tab. Pin and tack the lining to the inside edge of the bag flap.

8 Trim a 4.5cm x 60cm rectangle from brown tweed. Fold in half lengthwise, then turn the edges in half to the inside and pin. Tack around the curve of the front of the bag flap. Then fold the trim over the raw edge of the flap and tack. Topstitch through all the layers all the way around the flap, side, front and the other side of the bag.