Tweed Cat Doll – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: tweed, fine; cotton: striped; floral, fat quarter of eachLace trim, 60cmRibbon, striped, 50cmButtons, blue, 1cm, two; white, 1.5cm, oneThread, embroidery, pink; sewing, coordinating Toy stuffing

Dimensions List

19cm x 35cm

Make a feline friend

Download the templates and print. Cut out 12cm x 14cm of tweed and 6cm x 14cm of striped fabric, with the stripes running horizontally. Pin together along one long edge with right sides facing and join with a 1cm seam. Press the seam allowance downwards, towards the striped fabric. Cut out two leg shapes, positioning the line marked on the pattern along the seam line.

Fold one leg in half lengthways with right sides facing inwards. Pin and tack the edges together, then machine stitch with a 6mm seam allowance. Trim the seam back to 3mm and turn right side out. Stuff firmly. Make the other leg in the same way.

Cut 12cm x 25cm of tweed and 8cm x 25cm of striped fabric. Join together as before and cut out two bodies, again matching up the seam line. Pin the two bodies together with right sides facing and stitch both edges together with a 6mm seam, between points A and B. Clip the curves, press back the seam allowance at the bottom gap and turn right side out. Slip the top of the legs into the gap, pin in place and stab stitch securely through all the layers to keep them in place. Stuff the body firmly.

Cut out one arm shape from tweed (this will be the tail) and make it up in the same way as the legs. Sew in place. Cut out two more arm shapes from striped fabric. Fold in half with right sides facing and join the edges with a 6mm seam. Trim the allowance back to 3mm, turn right side out and stuff. Gather up the top edges, pushing the raw edges inside. Sew to the body, on the seam line, at the points marked C.

Cut two ears from tweed and two from floral print. Pin together in pairs with the right side of the floral fabric inwards, and stitch the diagonal edges with a 6mm seam. Clip a small triangle from the point and turn right side out.

Cut two head pieces from tweed. Position the ears upside down on one head piece, between points B and C with raw edges aligned and tack in place. Layer the other head piece on top. Pin and stitch them together with a 6mm seam, leaving a gap where marked. Press back the seam allowance on either side of the gap then turn the head right side out. Stuff well and pin over the open neck edge. Hand stitch it in place securely.

Sew on two buttons for the eyes or embroider if giving to a small child. Create the nose using satin stitch and the mouth in straight stitch using six strands of thread.

To make a skirt, cut a 20cm square of floral fabric and fold it into quarters. Pin the template through all four layers and cut out. Sew lace trim around the hem then slip it over the body. Pull the skirt down so the waist sits around the seam line of the body and stitch. Sew a length of striped ribbon over the top to hide the the raw edges. Cut the remaining ribbon into three equal pieces and fold each one into a loop. Stack them together to make a corsage and hand stitch at the centre. Sew a button to the middle and secure onto the waistband.