Turquoise Felt Wedding Ring Pillow – Free sewing patterns


Wool felt: mint, A4 sheet; turquoise, 19cm x 20.5cmFelt: white; light green; dark green; purple, scraps of eachRibbon, blue, 40cmThread: embroidery, pearlised, blue; green; yellow; gold; sewing, whiteBeads, seed, bluePaper, tissueFibre fillingDried lavender (optional)

Dimensions List

19cm x 20.5cm

Stitch a wedding ring pillow

Download and print the templates,. Cut out the body and wing of the dove twice, then place the two wing layers together and arrange the two body layers on top over mint-coloured wool felt. Stitch in place using white thread and tiny whip stitches.

Trace the arabesque pattern onto tissue paper, then place it over the dove and pin in place. Using two strands of blue embroidery thread and split stitch, sew through the tissue paper over the pattern. For the eye, create a multi-spoke star and stitch a blue seed bead to the centre.

Fill the beak with small pieces of gold thread, then use couching to secure the thread ends to the pillow on the reverse. Repeat for the bird’s legs. Once finished, carefully tear the tissue paper away.

Using the template, cut out the following: five roses and three calla lilies from white felt; five rose leaves from dark green felt; three calla lilies from purple felt; three calla lilies, two calla lily leaves and one bouquet backing from light green felt.

Tightly roll up the roses and stitch to secure. Curve the square ends of the calla lilies around a small piece of gold thread and secure. Arrange the flowers and leaves as desired, then stitch to the bouquet backing before securing to the mint felt, just below the bird.

Create the stems of the bouquet using either stem or split stitch with two strands of green embroidery thread, ensuring they cover the ends of the dove’s legs. Fold blue ribbon in half and stitch securely to the pillow where the dove’s feet would be.

Cut out the mint felt measuring 19cm x 20.5cm, making sure to centre the bird and bouquet design. Place turquoise wool felt of the same size on the back. Use two strands of white embroidery thread and small running stitches to sew around the felt pieces, 2cm from the edge, sliding a seed bead onto the thread on every alternate stitch. Leave a gap, add a small amount of stuffing and lavender if desired, then sew closed.