Trio of Vintage Style Elves – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, assorted red and white prints, scraps: cotton; linenThread, sewing: red; cream; white; navy Ribbon, assortedButtons, heartsBellsStuffing, toyRice, dryGlue, acid-free stick

Dimensions List

7cm x 22cm

Make an elf

Download the elf template. Use it to cut two main pieces in red fabric. Next, cut out one oval face shape in cream fabric and use an acid-free glue stick to attach it to one of the elf bodies. Leave to dry.

Cut out two elf shoes in green and attach in the same way. Stitch the face and shoe details in navy thread and iron on the reverse. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to sit diagonally across the bottom of the hat so it slightly overlaps the face and stitch in place.

Pin the two body pieces right sides together, allowing for a 5mm seam allowance throughout. Start at the bottom left and stitch around to the bottom right, leaving the base open for stuffing. Carefully snip into all the curves and turn right side out.

Lightly stuff the hat and stitch across the ribbon to seal it off, then firmly stuff the main body, leaving 2cm to fill with rice. Hand stitch to close the opening. Either leave the hat as it is or fold it slightly and secure with hand stitching. Add a button or bell to the point and sew a selection of buttons to the main body.

Cut out four arms from coordinating fabric, remembering to turn the template over for two. Pin each pair right sides together and leave a small opening for turning on one of the straight edges. Stitch then snip the curves and turn right side out.

Fill the hand section with a small amount of rice. Sew closed, then stitch to the main body. Tie or fold a length of ribbon as a scarf so it covers the tops of the arms and secure with a few small stitches all the way around to finish.