Tissue Pouch – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: floral, 15cm x 16cm; two contrast fabrics, 4cm x 16cm

Sew a tissue pouch

1 Press a 1cm turning along one edge of each strip of contrasting fabric. With right sides together and raw edges matching, pin them to the long edges of the floral fabric. Machine stitch them together, taking a 1cm seam allowance.

2 Turn the neatened edges over to the right side and pin them down. Slip stitch the folds in place, just inside the the seam lines, then press.

3 Fold the fabric in half and mark the centre of the raw edges with two pins. With the right side facing upwards, fold each bound edge inwards, in line with the marker. Pin the edges together, then machine stitch, taking a 1cm seam allowance. Oversew the bound edges together for 1cm at each end of the opening. Clip the corners, then turn right side out and insert a small packet of tissues.