Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Tips For Potty Training Dogs

Tips For Potty Training Dogs

There’s nothing like getting a new dog who can keep you company when you’re lonely, or who can shower you with affection when you’re feeling down. You’ve fallen in love with this new four-footed critter who has changed your life for the better, haven’t you? Hold on a sec – what’s that you spot in the middle of your new rug? You’re pretty sure that’s not a candy bar. How come this keeps happening and what should you do?

Here are some of my favorite tips for potty training dogs:

1. Don’t allow your dog to freely roam your home unless he has recently been outside and done number one and number two. That cute face and wagging tail can’t be trusted at this point. If you can’t watch him like a hawk right now, you have two options:

Put him in his crate.

Take him outside and try to talk him in to “going.”

2. Have a catchy buzz word that you use before and after your pup takes care of business. “Potty” works nicely and I’ve heard others use “go pee” or “hurry.” I use “corner” because we’ve trained our dog to do her thing around the corner of the house, away from little feet that always seem to step on poo if it’s in the grass.

3. Time matters. The younger the dog, the more often he needs to be taken out. Think about what you do the first thing in the morning, after you eat and drink, after napping on the couch, and the last thing at night. Young dogs need many trips outside.

4. Praise him like the dickens when he does the right thing. One day the lightbulb is going to go on over his furry head and he’ll realize that heavy praise and loving words come immediately after he uses the outside bathroom. When it does click, he’s going to repeat the action so often that eventually it will just feel wrong to him to go inside.

5. Don’t scold him for having an accident inside if it’s really your fault. Did you leave him inside way too long? Did you forget to take him out right after he chug-a-lugged a gallon of water? Get a routine going so you stay on track. This potty training dogs is serious business.

write by Mohammed Hamid

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