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The Remedies For Fungus Under Toenails

The Remedies For Fungus Under Toenails

Everyday, we may be exposing or feet from risks of toenail fungus. From the kind of work we do, to the socks and viking zip up hoodie that we wear or while walking on barefoot. The fungus under toenails may be very disfiguring causing embarrassment when exposed to the public. Affected individuals usually avoid the crowd for fear humiliation. Let us now try to discuss about the different ways to eradicate fungus under toenails.

Before you can cure the condition, you must first prevent the fungus from spreading under toenails. Make sure that the affected site is clean and dry. Avoid moisture so if the infected foot is sweating, change you socks immediately.

As much as possible, never wear socks for more than a day. If it can’t be helped, then just change the socks from time to time. It may be tiresome but it’s worth it though. So be patient.

Toenail soaks is among the methods used by a number of people to eliminate the fungus under toenails. Various products and solutions are sold in the market and over the internet. But these products are usually expensive. On the other hand, there are few toenail fungus remedy found at home. They are commonly used because it’s cheap and usually found at home.

Some fungus under toenails home remedy includes vinegar, mouthwash, rock salt and bleach. To use rock salt, immersed the area affected for 15 minutes or more to a solution with rock salt. For the bleach, apply it using cotton swab, with water, or directly apply it to surface. The solution may be very concentrated but it surely kills the fungus under toenails.

Wear clean dry socks at all times. You may also spray an antifungal spray into your toes before wearing socks. For the viking zip up hoodie , choose breathable viking zip up hoodie . Avoid tight fitting viking zip up hoodie . Remove them once in a while to allow some ventilation.

If and when the infection doesn’t seem to stop or becomes serious, consult a medical expert. For milder cases, it’s wise to utilize household remedies because they are cheaper and have lesser or no side effects at all. Doctors also prescribe oral drugs, topical ointments like lacquer or the combination of both. Laser treatment and surgical nail removal are also used for treating fungus under toenails.

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