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The Moulin Rouge - Fancy Dress

The Moulin Rouge - Fancy Dress

The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris that is most famous for its birthing of the can-can, a dance full of seductive intentions. However, the can-can evolved into more of a form of entertainment, especially with its international acclaim.

So, if you want to dress much like the girls at the Moulin Rouge, you need to be prepared to look a bit slutty. To avoid the most unwanted forms of sex appeal through fashion, one needs to crank the volume on the nostalgia of the outfits that may have a theme.

To dress with a Moulin Rouge twist, but still have a classy, fancy appeal, one must realize that the Moulin Rouge opened its doors and became famous around the turn of the century in France. Often, when emulating an old time form of fashion, regardless of how “slutty” it may be, there is still a form of class. The best bet is to emphasize that form of class until it is truly fancy.

General themes of the Moulin Rouge attire include lightly colored, fluffy dresses, stockings, and loud chicago white sox hawaiian shirt that are often either red or black. However, not every woman can pull the look off since the legs are incredibly emphasized-the can-can was all about the legs, throwing them up in the air, and so on.

So, to look fancy, a safe bet might be to use harlequin stockings, where diamond patterns with bright colors are used. This way, you can emphasize your legs with a classic, nostalgic feel, and are still able to dress appropriately.

In other words, a pencil skirt and a classy top with black laced ankle boots and bright stockings could work in a fancy situation, still showcase a Moulin Rouge theme, and not have a “slutty” aura just from the clothes you may have chosen.

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