Tech Support – Free sewing patterns


Fat quarters, twoRed felt, 25cm squareGrey felt, 13cm x 15cmBlack buttons, twoFusible webbingRice

Dimensions List

Wrist rest: 19cm x 42cmMouse rest: 12.5cm x 15cm

sew a wrist support 1 Download and print the templates from the link above. Cut out two bodies, reversing one. Trim two ears from red felt. Pin the bodies right sides together. Add the ears where marked, being careful they don’t get caught in the seam.

2 Machine stitch along the line, leaving an opening where marked. Trim the seam allowance to 5mm and clip the curves. Turn through and press. Fill with rice until firm and slipstitch the gap. Sew on a button for the eye where marked.

make a mouse rest 1 Using the templates, trace the head, heart and ear onto fusible webbing and cut out roughly. Iron the head to printed fabric and the heart and ear to red felt. Trim carefully around the lines. Peel off the papers and iron the head to 13cm x 15cm of grey felt.

2 Blanket stitch around the outline, then add the ear and a button for the eye. Pin to the same size of backing fabric and sew 1cm from the edge. Trim with pinking shears. Make a 4cm slit in the reverse and fill with rice. Stitch up the gap and iron on the heart to conceal it.