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Taylor Parker was originally charged with murder in the death of 21-year-old Reagan Hancock, Braxlynn’s mother, and with kidnapping the baby. The girl’s case did not go to a grand jury earlier because prosecutors were still awaiting a final coroner’s report on her death. However, prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty, according to the Gazette.

Parker, who pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Friday, is currently on pretrial detention without bond at the Bowie County Jail while awaiting a hearing scheduled for April. In October, Parker was arrested in Oklahoma on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges after authorities found Hancock dead at her New Boston, Texas, residence on October 9. “The preliminary investigation indicated that an unborn child had been removed from the victim’s body.” said a news release from the New Boston Police Department.

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Charged – Arrested

She was previously charged with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of a pregnant woman and was charged last week with another murder count for the baby’s death. Taylor Parker, 28, was indicted by a grand jury for capital murder Thursday in the death of the baby, Braxlynn Sage, whom she ripped from her mother’s womb.

Parker was speeding after the alleged attack and was stopped by a Texas state trooper in De Kaib, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Chad Dansby told People. “She claimed that she had just given birth and that the baby was not breathing,” he added.

Parker and the baby were rushed to McCurtain Memorial Hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma, where staff became suspicious after she refused to be examined by doctors.

“She didn’t want to be checked,” Dansby continued. “They told us that, so I convinced her to let the doctor check it out. They called the doctor and he practically told us that he didn’t have a baby. It was just a matter of him telling us what happened.”

During an interview with Parker, Dansby was able to obtain enough probable cause to stop her. The baby died in the hospital and Parker was arrested by Idabel police and OSBI.

A PayPal donation fund was created to raise money for Hancock’s husband, Homer, and his daughter. According to the page, the future mother and the murderer of her accused of her were friends.

“Reagan Hancock and her unborn baby were selfishly murdered by someone Reagan considered a friend,” the page read. “We’re trying to raise money for Homer and his daughter. Let’s get together and raise enough money to take the stress out of any and all expenses that may occur.”

A few months before she was killed, Hancock happily announced her pregnancy on her Facebook. “Some of you know, some of you don’t … but we’ll have another SWEET GIRL on November 10th (sort of). She’s already acting like her daddy and older sister. Braxlynn Sage will be here. Daddy is definitely outgunned. number, ”he wrote in August.