Tablet case and keyring – Free sewing patterns


Moustache print fabricChevron print fabric, yellow, grey, multicolouredBlack cottonSpotty print fabricCoordinating threadLarge buttons, twoPress studs, threeInterfacingWaddingTissue paperRibbonKeyring finding

Dimensions List

Tablet case: 19.5cm x 25cmKeyring: 6.2cm x 13.5cm

Make a tablet case

1 Cut 24cm x 53cmof moustache print with the design running across the length, and snip it in half widthways. Pin them right sides together across the bottom short edge and stitch using a 1cm seam. Press the seam open, then fold in half along the seam to create a front and back.

2 Cut a 5.5cm x 24cm strip of multicoloured chevron print. Fold each long side in by 1cm and iron to crease. Pin this across the front piece of the case, 5cm from the bottom and stitch along both edges.

3 Download and print the template, then use to cut a moustache from spotty fabric and a pair of glasses from black cotton. Snip 12cm x 14.5cm from yellow chevron print and back all three with interfacing. Fold the top short edge of the fabric rectangle over twice by 5mm and stitch the seam across. Place the shapes on the pocket and appliqué using a narrow zigzag stitch.

4 Trace ‘Dapper’ onto tissue paper and pin just below the appliqué. Machine or hand stitch. Remove the tissue and iron on the reverse. Fold the two sides and bottom edge of the pocket over to the wrong side by 5mm and pin to the front of the case, 3cm from the left and bottom seams. Stitch down the sides and base, then press.

5 Take a short length of ribbon, fold it in half and stitch across the raw ends, using zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. Sew it just inside the top of the pocket. Hand stitch half of a press stud to the underside of the loop, and the other half to the moustache print. Cut 8cm x 24cm from grey chevron fabric and pin and stitch, right sides together, to the top of the back of the case with a 1cm seam. Press the seam open.

6 Cut 22.5cm x 24cm from yellow chevron fabric for the back pocket. Turn the top edge over twice by 1cm, pin, stitch the seam and press. Fold the bottom edge under by 1cm, iron to crease, then lay the pocket onto the centre of the right side of the back of the case. Sew down both sides and across the base. Press.

7 Lay the case open and cut a piece of wadding and yellow chevron fabric to the same size. Place the case on top of the wadding right side up, layering the yellow chevron print wrong side up over the top. Pin and stitch a 5mm seam all the way around, leaving a gap for turning. Clip the corners, turn out, close the gap and press.

8 Using coordinating thread, machine or hand quilt around the front pocket, across the chevron strip and highlight some of the flap with lines across the zigzags. Fold the case in half at the bottom seam, right sides together, excluding the flap. Pin and stitch a 1cm seam down both sides. Turn out and press. Attach two large buttons to the flap, sewing press studs underneath them, so the flap will stay closed.

Stitch a keyring

1 Cut 7cm x 14cm from multicoloured chevron fabric and 7cm x 8.5cm of moustache print. Turn the two shorter ends of moustache fabric over by 5mm and stitch it to the zigzag design, 2cm from the left short edge. Cut 4cm x 10cm of yellow chevron fabric, back with interfacing and use a zigzag stitch to secure it to the moustache print. Press.

2 Use the template to cut a moustache from black fabric. Interface and appliqué it using zigzag stitch onto the chevron design. Stitch ‘top chap’ using contrasting thread. Cut wadding and backing fabric to the same size as your keyring. With the wadding at the bottom, layer the design facing up over it, with the backing fabric wrong side up on top.

3 Thread a short length of ribbon through a keyring finding, stitch the ends together to secure, then tuck it in between the two fabrics at the left-hand end with the raw ends poking out. Pin and stitch all the way round with a 5mm seam, leaving a gap for turning. Clip the corners, turn out and close the gap. Topstitch all the way round to finish.