Striped Cloud-shaped Cushions – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton ticking, lightweight, 50cm; heavyweight, 1m; fleece, 50cmThread, embroidery, coordinatingFibre fillingPencil, transferPaper, tracing Cushion pad, 55cm square

Dimensions List

Cloud-shaped cushions: 34cm x 55cmCushion cover: 55cm square

Create a cushion cover

Cut a 57cm square from ticking fabric to create the front piece of the cushion cover. Cut another two pieces, one 40cm x 57cm and another 35cm x 57cm for the envelope back.

Download the templates and print out. Cut around the cloud template on fleece and pin it to the right side of the cushion front, then zig zag stitch all around the shape to attach it.

Using the template, trace a cloud face including all details onto tracing paper and pin it to the cloud. Using split stitch, embroider the face onto the fleece by sewing through the tissue paper. When complete, carefully tear away the paper, using a needle or tweezers to remove any small fragments. With two strands of embroidery thread, outline the cloud using split stitch, sewing through the ticking against the edge of the fleece.

Turn under one long side of each of the cushion back pieces by 1cm twice, press, pin, then stitch. With right sides facing, pin the two overlapping pieces of the back of the cushion to the front and sew all the way around, 1cm from the edge. Turn right side out, and insert a cushion pad.

Make a cloud cushion

Download the templates and print out. Using the template, cut out the front and back of the cushion from lightweight cotton ticking. Trace a cloud face onto tracing paper. Remember that the image will be reversed when you iron it onto the fabric, so turn the paper over and re-trace along the lines using a transfer pencil.

Place the tracing paper onto the right side of the fabric (transfer pencil side down). Following the manufacturer’s instructions pin and iron onto the fabric. Using two strands of embroidery thread, stitch over the transfer pencil marks using split stitch.

With right sides facing, pin the front and back pieces of the cloud together, and stitch around the shape 1cm from the edge, leaving a small opening for turning. Lightly stuff the cloud, then turn right side out. Stitch the gap closed.