Storage Hanging Baskets – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, printed fat quarters Quilt waddingButtons Large split ring

1 Download and print the template. Cut three sections from two patterned fabrics and wadding. Pin and zig zag stitch the darker print pieces to the wadding, right sides out. Fold all the six sections in half and sew a dart in the lower edge.

2 Open out the padded pieces and stitch edge to edge with a 5mm seam allowance to make a bowl shape, taking care to match up the seams and darts on the lower end so there is no hole. Sew the lighter coloured sections together in the same way, but leave a 5cm gap in the centre of one seam.

3 Turn the padded bowl out so the wadding is on the inside. Place the lighter fabric bowl around the outside so the right sides of the fabric are together. Pin the top edges together and sew around. Turn the bowl out through the gap in the lining and push this inside the padded bowl. Pin around the top edge and topstitch. Fold in the raw edges of the turning gap and slip-stitch together.

4 Cut three strips, 4cm x 50cm, and fold in half lengthways, right sides together. Sew down each long edge, leaving a 4cm gap in the centre of each seam. Sew across both ends of the strips and use a piping turner to push the straps through the seam gap. Press and slip-stitch the gaps closed.

5 Loop one end of each strap over a large split ring and sew in place. Pin the other end of each strap to the top edge of the bowl, lining up with the seams so the bowl sits level. Fix the straps in place by stitching through all layers and covering the join with a decorative button. Add a second fabric bowl halfway up the straps if desired.