Stencil cushions – Free sewing patterns


Pale turquoise cotton, 25cmWhite heavyweight fabric, 2mWhite lining fabric, 2mRed pom poms, 20mm, eightFusible webbingFibre fillingTurquoise fabric dyeFabric paint, white, turquoiseSnowflake stencil

Dimensions List

Square cushion: 35cm squareRectangular cushion: 25cm x 38cm

Sew a square cushion

1 Wash and colour white cotton fabric with turquoise dye. Make a 25cm square a darker hue by leaving it in the dye bath longer. Dry and press the fabric. Cut out a 42cm square cushion front, and two rectangles measuring 27cm x 42cm and 35cm x 42cm for the back. Hem one short end of each rectangle, giving the larger one a 2cm double hem and the other a 3cm single hem.

2 Use a stencil and white fabric paint to create nine snowflake designs on the darker turquoise fabric, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When dry, cut a piece of fusible webbing and press onto the reverse of the motifs with a hot iron. This will fix the fabric paint.

3 Cut around each of the motifs, peel away the backing paper and place them on the square cushion front in a three by three formation. Press to adhere them to the fabric. Machine stitch in white thread three times around the appliqué shape.

4 Place the cushion front right side up, then lay the larger back panel on top, followed by the smaller one, making sure the hems are facing each other. Pin in place and machine stitch around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance. Turn out, and sew a red pom pom to each corner.

5 Cut two 42cm squares from white lining fabric. Pin and machine stitch together, leaving a gap for stuffing. Turn out and stuff until plump, then stitch up the opening. Place inside the cushion cover.

Make a rectangular cushion

1 Cut a 27cm x 41cm cushion front from white cotton, and two rectangles measuring 20cm x 27cm and 27cm x 35cm for the back. Hem one short side of the larger one using a 2cm double hem, and the smaller with a 3.5cm double hem.

2 Using a stencil and white fabric paint, make six snowflake designs on pale turquoise fabric. When dry, cut around each snowflake, then fuse and stitch to the cushion front as for the square cushion, positioning them in a two by three formation.

3 Assemble the cushion in the same way as before, and add pom poms to the corners. Create the cushion inner using two 27cm x 41cm rectangles, and place inside the cover.