Statement Storage Pots – Free sewing patterns


Kilner jar, with separatesealing disc and screw bandFabric: patterned, plainFibre fillingFelt

Stitch a pincushion

Disassemble the Kilner jar and measure the diameter of the sealing disc. Cut two circles twice this size, one from patterned fabric and another from plain.

Sew running stitch around the circumference of the plain circle, 5mm in from the edge. Gather up slightly, stuff firmly with filling and tighten the gathers to make a ball. Fasten off and set aside.

Sew running stitch around the edge of the patterned circle in the same way as the plain, then gather up slightly to make a pouch. Slip the padded ball inside and place the sealing disc on top with the underside facing you. Pull the gathers taut around the edge of the sealing disc and fasten securely.

Cut a circle of thin felt, the same diameter as the sealing disc, then oversew to the folded edge of the patterned fabric to conceal the raw edges for a neat finish.

Place the covered disc back inside the screw band, ensuring the stuffed ball sits in the centre of the ring and allows the band to screw back onto the jar securely.