Stash-busting quilt – Free sewing patterns


20 prints of Geometric Bliss collection by Art Gallery Fabrics, fat quarter of eachWhite cotton fabric, 1m x 1.3mLightweight quilt wadding, 1m x 1.3mCoordinating sewing thread

Dimensions List

Block: 31cm squareQuilt: 90cm x 120cmNote: Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Sew the block

1 Divide 20 printed fabrics into colour sets or lights and darks. Choose four fabrics each from two sets. Cut one 11cm and three 12cm squares from the lighter prints, and two 11cm of the same design and three 12cm squares from the darker. Put the 11cm squares to one side.

2 On the reverse of each 12cm light square, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner with a pencil. Place the light and dark 12cm squares right sides together and pin. Stitch diagonally across them, 5mm either side of the pencil line.

3 Cut along the pencil line and open out the fabric to make six half square triangles. Press the seams to the darker side. Use the diagram to lay out the triangles around the light 11cm squares, placing the dark 11cm squares in the corners. Stitch them together in rows before sewing the lines into a block, matching up the seams carefully.

Make the quilt

1 Create 12 blocks as described, using a mixture of prints and colours. Stitch the blocks together in a three by four layout, making sure no two patterns are next to each other and press.

2 Lay cotton backing fabric, lightweight wadding and the quilt top on a flat surface and pin the layers together at regular intervals.

3 Quilt the layers with a coordinating colour thread, sewing in the ditch around the central diagonal rectangles. Trim the wadding to the same size as the quilt top, and the backing fabric 4cm larger all round.

4 Double hem the backing fabric and fold it over the edges of the quilt to make a 1cm border around the piece, mitring the corners. Pin and topstitch around the border with a decorative or zig zag machine stitch using coordinating thread.