Spotty Snakes and Ladders Playmat – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, spotted, seven colours; fleeceThread, embroideryTracing or tissue paper Fusible webbingRibbon, 50cm

Dimensions List

80cm x 98cm

Stitch a playmat

Cut out 10, 21cm squares in red spotty fabric and another 10 in blue fabric. Arrange the squares in a four by five checkerboard formation. Sew the four rows of five squares together, in a long strip. Then stitch the strips together to form a patchwork top for the blanket.

Download the templates. Print and piece together as necessary. Trace the numbers, snakes and ladder shapes onto paper, then turn them over and trace them onto the paper side of fusible webbing. Roughly cut out the shapes, then following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron the snakes and ladders onto the wrong side of different coloured spotty fabrics. Iron the even numbers onto blue fabric and the odds onto red. Cut out the shapes.

Using the photo as a guide, arrange the numbers, snakes, and ladders onto the patchwork top sheet. Place a length of polka dot ribbon around the neck of the main snake. When you are satisfied with the layout, peel off the paper backing of the fusible webbing and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron the pieces into place. Sew around the edges of the snakes, ladders, and numbers using zig zag stitch.

Using a pound coin as a template, cut five circles from fleece fabric. Position them as eyes on the snakes, pin, then zig zag stitch around them. Use two strands of black embroidery floss to work pupils in the snakes’ eyes in satin stitch. Use split stitch to create smiles, glasses and eyelashes.

Cut four 7cm x 1m strips of red spotty fabric to frame the patchwork. With right sides facing, sew the strips to the edges with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim if necessary.

Cut 82cm x 1m of fleece to fit the back of the blanket. With right sides facing, pin the fleece to the patchwork. Sew all the way around, leaving a 15cm gap for turning. Turn right side out, then fold the edges of the gap under by 1cm and slip stitch closed.

To keep the top and backing together, sew a machine quilting stitch or zig zag stitch along each visible seam of the patchwork. To make counters, cut 12cm squares from each of the four snake colours. With right sides facing, pin and sew, 1cm from the edge, leaving a small gap to turn out. Lightly stuff, turn out, then fold under the edges by 1cm, and sew closed.

To make a dice, cut six 12cm spotty squares. Use a pound coin as a template to cut 21 circles from blue fabric and sew to the squares in a classic dice formation. With right sides facing, stitch the squares together to create a cube, leaving a small opening along one seam to turn right side out. Stuff, then sew the gap closed.