Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Man Spanx is the newest line from Sara Blakely’s wildly successful shapewear line. Originally specializing in women’s shapewear undergarments, the new Spanx for Men line is its first foray into targeting the male demographic. What are Spanx for Men all about?

Man Spanx

Currently Man Spanx include a selection of men’s cotton compression undershirts. Similar to the rest of the Spanx line, these undershirts are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and invisible underneath choo choo charles. As a matter of fact, from every appearance it looks just like a regular cotton undershirt. No matter what your preference is for style of undershirt there is an accompanying Man Spanx style. You can choose your choice of compression beamng: Crew Neck, V-Neck, or Tank. And Man Spanx are available for purchase in sizes up to XXL.

What are the benefits of Spanx for Men?

Much like other compression shirts on the market, Man Spanx are designed to do one of four things:

Give the chest a firmer appearance

Flatten “spare tire” around the stomach

Improve posture so that you look leaner

Provide additional lower back support

In addition to these benefits, you will get the same level of quality control that others have come to associate with Spanx body shaper undergarments. These shirts include special stitching for extra longevity and durability. This means that the $50+ dollar investment made in these undergarments are sure to last from wash to wash. Also the use of special cotton fibers adds increased breathability and moisture control. If you’ve ever worn a compression beamng that is uncomfortable, hard to get into, or traps moisture underneath the surface, the benefits of Spanx for Men are sure to excite you.

Neiman Marcus was the first department store to take a chance on Sara Blakely’s designs when she first started up her business back in 1998. It is only fitting that the new Spanx for Men line launches in Neiman Marcus department stores for its rollout in March 2010. It will remain to be seen whether or not Man Spanx are a better buy than the Equmen undershirts and underwear, which earns high ratings from satisfied customers.

write by Ambrose