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Some Madness From a Mad Prophet

Some Madness From a Mad Prophet

I have to laugh that I need to be mentally ill just to handle the life I have been through. When I have prophesied under the inspiration of a false anointing, one that feels the same and a spirit that sounds the same in my spirit, I have been really hurt when I have found my prophesy was off the mark. God in His manifold wisdom allowed me to be seduced and lied to by demons for years, and to hear a false Holy Spirit and a false Jesus in my mind. I said and did some pretty stupid things by my dogged determination to do everything my master told me to do no matter how hard or how stupid.

I once stripped naked and went for swim in a stranger’s pool one day on a very hot summer’s day when this false Jesus, a lying spirit, possibly even the angel of light told me that swimming was something that I should do. When he told me to strip naked I had my reservations, but he told me it made sense not to get my long track pants wet and my underpants wet. I objected, but how do you say no to Jesus?

So I stripped and was having a wonderful dip in a cool pool on a very hot day, and everything was fine. I was being very quiet and I knew that I could swim, dress and walk away without getting caught and besides under the water you couldn’t see I was naked anyway. I felt so good, and after five years with no medication and in the throes of intense mania I was on top of the world and feeling a very spiritual high. Then Jesus asked me to do something that was one of the hardest things I have ever heard Him ask me. Now you know it was not Jesus now. As I have told you, but at the time I had no idea that their existed a counterfeit voice in my mind that sounded like the Jesus I have heard since a young boy. Nor at that time did Jesus want me to know!

My false Jesus said:

“I want to you get out of the pool now and do five dive bombs. One after the other and when you have done them, I will get the homeless off the streets of Sydney.” In it’s context I had lived for six months on the streets as a homeless person and had hundreds of homeless people that I knew personally good enough to share a beer with, or to be trusted to look after their bag if they had to go away for half an hour and could not take it, and so the idea of getting all my friends into a house was something that appealed to me.

I argued with Jesus.

And guys unless you can have a good argument with Jesus you don’t know Him as a friend. And if you don’t hear Jesus you are not even a sheep of His, and better stop acting like a goat so He will speak to you.

Anyway I said:

“I can’t do dive bombs. That guy’s verandah is open and if I jump with a big splash five times, he is gong to hear me and see a naked guy in his pool and I’ll be busted.”

“So?” The false Jesus asked.

“Well I’ll get in lots of trouble for that?”

“What do you care more about Matthew? I have told you if you do five dive bombs in this pool, I will arrange houses for all the homeless in Sydney. And let me tell you this. They will be all rent free. Now what do you care about more, getting busted or getting the homeless off the streets of Sydney?”

“I care about the homeless you know I do Lord.”

“Well get to it then.”

I climbed out of the pool and did the first big dive bomb. I did the second and after that no one had come and I was feeling so powerful and such a good guy saving all my friends from the ravages of the streets, and besides that I was having a good time making big smashes. I climbed out of the pool after my third one and experienced a little terror.

There was an angry man standing at the end of his verandah about fifteen feet from me.

“What are you doing in my pool?”

“I am doing five bombs.” I said, as it was the truth.

“Get out of my pool right now or I will call the police.”

“Sorry mate I have to do two more dive bombs.”

I turned from him and put my clothes on as I was really embarrassed about being naked. Then I jumped in the pool too quick, and did very big dive bombs for all my friends on the streets and all the thousands of guys I didn’t know.

Ten minutes later I was arrested, and taken and charged and put in jail. I was so out of my mind I said some crazy things in there when interviewed, and so they had me admitted to a hospital as they saw I was more mad then bad!

It was four years later that God allowed me to find out I had a demon prophesying and speaking to me, and only in the last four months that I learned how to test the spirits and make sure it’s the Holy Spirit telling me to say something or go somewhere now. I am happy to say five times I tested the spirits and five times I found it was a demon, and I went the opposite place where it was telling me to go. Four times I gave a very powerful prophetic word to a stranger that I met there, and one time I led a person to the saving grace of Jesus.

I am mad at the church that prays like the Pharisee oh full of so much pride and self righteousness, and yet the gay couple come into the church to sing to God and no one talks to them, save to tell them they are going to hell. I am mad at people that can buy all the best brands, cars and pools and houses, and can walk past a homeless person without offering to buy them a new philadelphia phillies hoodies or a nice restaurant meal. Don’t you think they like new clothes that are clean? Don’t you think they have taste buds? Do you think its fun eating food out of a bin?

Do you?

You should never ever let a man go through bins for food when you have $50 in your wallet. You should give him that money even if it is rent money. Tell your landlord you will pay him back over a month, and give that man that is eating garbage, money to eat. If you think he will waste it on drink, well go and ask him what drink he would like, get two plastic cups from a take away restaurant and have wine with him and eat fresh hot hamburgers.

Shut your mouth and ask him to tell you about the Jesus he knows and just listen without interrupting. It will be the best $20 you ever spent and you might get addicted to it.

You in your man’s teachings think Jesus had a grand time on earth. He was up 18 hours a day ministering, and about four hours each night weeping and conversing with his Father. Sometimes when a person like the demoniac was going to be delivered in a day or two, Jesus had not eaten for two days and had spent two nights, all night in prayer.

Jesus walked in the Spirit. If He was told to jump naked in a pool and do five dive bombs He would do it! Jesus was a mad man in His day by the so called experts. He was so deluded He thought He was God’s Son. He even went so far as to say that anyone who saw Him had seen God.

I hear a lot of Christians telling me about Jesus. I hear a lot of preachers preaching about a Jesus they don’t know so well. It’s obvious not many people are really close to Jesus because there is only one person on earth that has ever given me insight into the book of Revelation besides the Holy Spirit. Her name is Darlene Flores and she is going to be an author here in a couple of days.

Most Christians I know have no idea about the things of the last book of the Bible. By in large people talk a lot about it and they fight over opinions. Much of the book I have seen my own visions of. Let me tell you that one day the Harbour of New York City will be blood, and one day Sydney Harbour will be blood. In fact I have a sick feeling that if the USA makes a war with the Two Witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 the only water in the USA that you can bath in and drink will be bottled water.

The Church by in large fear demons, of which I have had hour long conversations with in my head, thinking they were humans using telepathy; the Beast which they can’t even recognize George W. Bush has, that self same strongman spirit is in him. False prophets, people that make millions in tapes, books and TV ministries, leading people into Baal worship and serving other gods like money and wealth, and Satan who is a pussycat who has a big roar, but runs like a baby when he is confronted with the Word of God and the anointing.

In many hospital admissions and having demons speak through me in anger at Christians who had no answers to my inner pain and struggles and my illness, I have discovered the major fault the Christian church has and the one fear they haven’t got enough off, and the only fear that can save them and lead them into wisdom and truth in these trying times.

They lack the fear of God.

Most teaching has lies or errors in it. How do I know the church is drowning in a mass of lies they can’t fix?

The answer: They have a hundred different denominations based on theologies and doctrines that are at odds with each other.

I am not a learned man.

I would like to think that you cannot lose your salvation but the words, “Depart from me I never knew you”, are some scary words I know real born again anointed signs and wonders people are going to hear one day.

I know God is a grace filled God full of mercy, but I know also God says He will only show mercy on those who are merciful. If you can afford a thousand dollars, or a few hundred dollars, and you do not send $6.00 Bibles to China where they are 60 million Bibles short you are not merciful, and even if you met a prophet that had 10,000 pages fully explaining the book of Revelation to you, and it was 100% correct direct from the Throne room, all that information will NOT HELP YOU and you will suffer in the tribulation ahead and possibly die and go to hell.

Do you know why China is 60 million Bibles short?

Because Satan knows that if China gets Christianity they would be a superpower and the USA would have poor people doing what they were told and starving, if it were not for the aid China would be sending them. And because Satan knows the USA is central to his plans to seduce the world, he preaches a prosperity gospel in big pulpits all around the whole world, and teaches that China does not need your help.

People who assume the wrath of God is not going to be poured out on people that know what the right thing is and refuse to do it, are people that are under a strong delusion. A strong delusion has taken the whole world. Paul says those who seek to be rich often fall victim to a snare, and often lose their place in the good race. You can read that in my article The snare of riches and the prosperity gospel.

When the average born again Christian does not tithe 10%, they are hypocrite’s saying they love and honour God in their money. If you trust God, give Him 10% and give that to your church you attend. Actually while you are at it print this out and give it to everybody there too! If you are sending your tithe to a ministry other then your church, you are in error and you must tithe 10% to your church also.

You might be surprised a good Jew used to give about 30% of their income and wealth to God with all their sacrifices. Even Jesus’ poor family bought turtle doves for Jesus, I think it says. You want to wonder why some Jews are big bankers and still have massive power in the West. They still honor God with money!

If you are willingly and knowingly doing sin you are in grave danger in the coming years. If you are in sexual sin you are in deep trouble. If you can’t leave your brother and sister, mother, father and property for Jesus sake and your own, how would you move to Australia by selling up in one quick exodus one day, if Australia was going to be the wilderness the women escape to for 1260 days to be protected by God?

You need to read what Jesus said to do and do it. Get out of the books by men. Stop reading what I write. Go and read what Jesus says each day and make a list of His fifty commands and start to do it.

And then ask me some questions if you like!

Love Matthew


Oh I am both a “mad” man with mental illness that needs medication until God says to stop taking it, and I am as “mad” as Jesus in the temple with a whip when He sees prosperity and love of the world being sold in church.

You have to hate this world and all the illusions of happiness, and cleave to Jesus if you are really going to feel safe, full of joy and peace in the years coming shortly.

write by Layton Johnson

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