Sexy 30 Minute Easy Skirt Tutorial

I simply cannot believe this was SO EASY! If you want an easy-to-make and easy-to-wear skirt that`s flattering, and so cheap to make then read on because this post is for YOU.

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Very easy skirt pattern. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Very easy skirt pattern. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.

Want a really easy skirt pattern?

See this skirt above? It took just minutes to make and I assure you anyone can do it. Too tight for you? Too short? Too long? You can make this skirt just how you like it, then you can make another and another, and all before breakfast. Read on….

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.My husband/photographer says don`t worry about him cutting off my head in this photo. No one wants to see me – just the skirt.

This skirt is just two tubes of stretchy knit fabric and can be made in minutes, adjusted to your own particular style in terms of how snug or lose you want it, how long or short you want it, and can even be worn in different lengths with the same skirt. Let me show you how.

Measure yourself around your widest part of your body – your hips or top of your thighs.Decide how tight you want your skirt. For tight with some stretch like mine, you will use this measurement above. If you want it to skim your body and fall straight, add in a 1/2 to 1 inch ‘ease` plus a 1 inch seam allowance. For a looser fit, add in a little extra ease. If in doubt use the larger measurement – you can easily adjust.Decide how long you want the skirt. Measure from where you want it to start under the waist band, usually at the top of your hip bones, you decide – to where you want it to end. Add on 1.5 inches for seams.Measure around your body where you want the waist band to sit. This needs to fit quite snugly so take off 1 inch from this measurement.Now you may need to judge the stretchy-ness of your fabric. If the fabric is very soft and super stretchy and doesn`t return much, you may need to shave a fraction off your measurements. If in doubt, leave them the same because you can easily take this skirt in later on. Now you are ready to cut your two pieces of fabric.Cut the main piece for the skirt. The length around will be as calculated in step 2. The length of the skirt piece will be the measurement from step 3. Make sure you have the fabric the right way up – the stretch of the fabric will go around your body, not top to bottom.Put the two right sides together and sew up what will be the back center seam. Best results will come from using a ball-point needle designed for use with knit fabrics. Use a serger if you have one, or a stretch overcasting stitch to seam and finish edges in one go using an overcasting foot, or if neither of these, a narrow zig zag stitch. Your knit fabric probably won`t fray so the seam edges don`t need to be finished.Now slide on your skirt and see what you think of the fit around. Too loose? Then sew up that back seam again to make it more snug. Set aside.Cut a second rectangle of fabric using the measurement for your waist in 4 above. Make this rectangle 12 inches wide. Remember to cut the fabric so the stretch of the fabric goes around your waist if it only stretches one way.Sew up the center seam, with right sides together. Now try on your waist band. Make sure it will slip up over your hips and then fit nicely without gaping around the low waist or hips. Adjust and take in a little if necessary.Fold the waistband in half with WRONG sides together. Now sew the two tubes together evenly with right sides together so that the seam will be on the inside of the skirt. You will need to stretch the waist band a little to make it match to the skirt piece. Best to pin in place before sewing to make sure it is matched evenly.Turn up a 1 inch hem at the bottom and finish with a stretch twin needle if you have one, or a narrow zig zag stitch. You could probably safely use a straight stitch here too if the bottom hem wasn`t subject to any stretching.

Now you can wear your skirt long or short depending on how you wear the waistband. Turn it over on itself halfway for a narrow waistband, or turn it down onto the skirt body, or wear it unfolded. Entirely up to you.

I made this skirt using an off-cut of fabric leftover from making my first Scoop Neck T-shirt from the Sewing with Knits course. So total cost for me – nothing. This white t-shirt is also made from the pattern that comes with the knits course. These skirts won`t use a lot of fabric so you can make several in either colorful prints for casual wear, or smart plain fabrics for the office.

Enjoy. Sorry, I didn`t take photos along the way – it all just happened too quickly and I didn`t expect it to look so good for so little effort! This really is a very quick and easy skirt. If there any anything not clear in my instructions – just ask! If enough people are interested, I could re-do this post as a full step-by-step tutorial, but I thought it was so easy, you could just get in there and have a go. What do you think?

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.Does my bum look big in this skirt?

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