Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
Sex Games - Her Eyes Only: Lingerie Parfait

Sex Games - Her Eyes Only: Lingerie Parfait

Ask any man and he’ll tell you he only reads Playboy or Penthouse magazine for the articles. Uh huh. Let’s face it, a whole multi-billion dollar industry exists because men like pictures, and you, you are going to turn that fact to your advantage.

Believe it or not, there is probably nothing more sexy to him than the woman that he loves dressed like and posing like the girls in those magazines

Having said that, get a copy of one of those magazines (or have a friend pick one up for you) and leave it, neatly gift wrapped, for your man toy to find. When he opens it he’ll find a note attached with the words, “Please study.”

Well! He’s sure to be grateful and surprised – but also a little perplexed. Clear up the mystery when you see him next by explaining that you hope he learned something from it. You’ve always wanted to be a centerfold, see, but you just could never be comfortable with another photographer.

And with that, you hand him a Polaroid camera. You can always go digital, but there is just something super sexy about having the physical pictures laying all over the floor as you guys continue on to the love making.

Lead him to your “studio,” where you’ve laid out a selection of seductive sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang). Swimsuits, sexy robes, revealing lingerie, costumes – let your imagination run wild. With the right attitude, anything you wear can be enticing. You would be astonished at the number of men who get turned on by the sight of a woman in a well tailored suit… and of course, yours has nothing underneath it.

Have fun with your props. Hats are awesome for playing peek-a-boo! Scarves, jewelry, whatever you like will work for this adult version of dress-up. Or dress-off, as the case seems to be.

Try to duplicate some of those professional shots in the magazine. Feeling brave? If so, raise the rating from R to triple-X.

Legs apart, or bottom held high… bent over with your cheeks spread apart nicely so he can see everything clearly; let him direct your photo session any way he likes. This is the time to indulge your most intoxicating daydreams.

So tantalize him… touch yourself for the camera. And if it has a self-timer, then by all means, invite your photographer into the shot.

Finally, at last – at long, long last – the fantasy he’s treasured since adolescence is becoming reality. He’s making love to a centerfold.

He won’t be able to stop thinking about this for months to come.

write by Roger

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