Sewing Journal Cover – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, fat quarters: printed, plainFusible interfacingQuilt waddingEmbroidery thread ButtonHardback notebook

1 Open a hardback notebook and lay face down. Measure the dimensions and cut interfacing 1cm bigger in both directions. Trim printed and plain fabric 1cm deeper and 15cm wider than the interfacing. Iron the interfacing to the centre of the printed fabric, wrong side up.

2 Place the fabric rectangles right sides together and sew down the short ends with a 5mm seam allowance. Fold one end of the printed fabric right sides together along the line of interfacing. Stitch from the fold to the interfacing on both sides, then flatten the fabric and sew the same distance on the lining at the opposite end. Repeat for the other end of the printed fabric and lining to make four pockets.

3 Lay the fabric flat and stitch along the remaining raw edges from pocket to pocket, leaving a 5cm gap in one side. Trim the seam allowances and turn the cover right side out. Push the lining pockets inside the outer fabric and press. Topstitch around the seams, closing the turning gap as you do so. Fit the notebook into the cover.

4 Measure around the book, then cut fabric and wadding 3cm longer and 8cm wider. Make fabric piping, 3cm x 8cm, and fold into a loop. Tack the loop to the left-hand short edge of the fabric before placing face down on the wadding and sewing around the edges, leaving a turning gap halfway along one long edge. Clip the corners and turn out. Fold in the raw edges and topstitch around the band.

5 Wrap the band around the book so the looped end overlaps the other on the leading edge of the book. Mark the loop position and sew on a decorative button. With a pencil, draw the wording onto the area of the band that will be seen at the front. Use two strands of embroidery thread and sew chain stitch over the lettering. Place the band around the book and stitch in place at the spine so it can be used as a closure, pin cushion or needle case.