Sew a Woodland Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: tweed, blue; beige, 50cm of eachCotton, printed, orange, grey, pink, Floral, orange, blue, Spot, red, yellow, blue, green,25cm square of each; lining, cream, 50cmFusible webbing, 125cmZips: beige; grey, 30cm eachFibre fillingThread, coordinatingCarbon paper

Dimensions List

30cm x 40cm

Make a Fox Cushion

Cut two 32cm x 42cm rectangles from cream lining fabric. With right sides facing, pin and machine stitch the edges together leaving a 10cm gap at the sides for turning. Turn out and fill with stuffing, then hand sew the gap closed.

Cut out a 32cm x 42cm cushion front from blue tweed fabric and two backs, 17cm x 42cm. Remember to pattern match so that the checks run through. With right sides facing, pin the two long edges of the back pieces together and machine stitch 6cm at either end. Press the seam open and pin a grey zip into position, then hand sew or machine stitch into place.

Download the templates from Cut one fox body and two face strips from orange floral fabric and a tail, eyes, ears and nose from red spot. Cut the face, body strip and back from orange print, a head from pink and a leaf from yellow spot. Iron fusible webbing onto the backs of all.

Peel off the backing paper, arrange and layer the pieces in the centre of the cushion front. Place a handkerchief on top and iron to fix the sections into place. Using orange thread, stitch around each of the elements. Pass the loose threads onto a needle and take them through to the back of the work, tie in a knot and trim the ends.

Open up the zip. With right sides facing, pin the back and front sections of the cover together and machine stitch around all four sides of the cover. Turn out, press and insert the cushion pad to finish.