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Round Glass Coffee Tables, A Classic Updated

Round Glass Coffee Tables, A Classic Updated

In the 1950s, coffee tables were extremely chic and every house had at least one, if not several. Few living rooms were without these tables, and often, if there was a family room or playroom, the sofa grouping there would have one too.

While traditional wood tables have always been popular, round glass coffee tables really came into their own during this period, as modern and contemporary furnishings came back into fashion.

Today, round glass coffee tables remain popular, largely because they allow a room to remain open looking while still being a statement piece. That’s because coffee tables with glass tops or even tops and sides can break the mold in terms of defining what a coffee table should be.

For instance, you can purchase lovely tables that allow you to showcase your interests. Some can be as simple as a wood or glass cube underneath with a spacious glass top above. If the cube is glass, you can usually add a valuable collectible or sculpture inside, letting people enjoy both the table and a work of art at the same time. Many people will fill the bottom with sand and seashells or even create a terrarium under glass.

But that’s really just a beginning. Because the glass top can really be placed over anything that can serve as a pedestal, you can purchase round glass coffee tables that feature large sculptures as the base. If you love the sea and beach, you can get tables with a large dolphin or whale as the base. Or you can even get ones with striking pieces of driftwood found on a beach or a sculpture of a coral reef, complete with tropical fish darting in and out of it.

That is one of the beautiful things about these tables. The glass allows whatever is underneath and around the table to be seen and enjoyed.

This is a particularly nice feature if you have a lovely or expensive Oriental modern viking sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) or flooring. The table remains useful, but doesn’t detract from the true star of the room.

For families with small children, round glass coffee tables are a great choice. While you may have to use Windex a little more often than you would with a wood coffee table, there are not sharp corners for your child to inadvertently hit as they are learning to walk. Thanks to the tempered glass, they are completely safe, even if your child decides that their rattle and your table make really great sounds together.

Not all glass tables are clear either. Thanks to new designs, you can get glass coffee tables that have etched and textured surfaces, making them virtually maintenance free while adding new beauty to a room. It is a fresh new take on a classic piece of living room or great room furniture.

In addition to being transparent, round top glass tables tend to create a more informal look to the room. This can provide a nice contrast to the more angular furniture in the room, creating contrasts in style and tone, softening the room just a bit.

When selecting a table, keep in mind that in contrast to other furnishings, you can go in an entirely different direction with a round glass table. This is particularly true if you decide to make the table a statement or focal piece in the room, such as if you buy a coffee table that is built around a nice sculpture or work of art. A table like this can work just as well in a traditional furnished room as it does in a modern, contemporary or transitional room. It stands apart, while still blending in nicely to its surroundings. Such is the beauty of a glass coffee table.

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