Renaissance Ribbons Brocade Braid Cushions – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, medium-weight: pink spot; floral,two prints; striped Braid: 22mm; 38mm; 48mmCushion pads: 30cm x 45cm; 30cm square

Dimensions List

Rectangular cushion: 30cm x 45cmSquare cushion: 30cm

Create a rectangular cushion

Cut 27cm x 32cm of pink spot fabric for the centre panel and two 12cm x 32cm rectangles of floral fabric for the sides. With right sides facing, pin and tack one of the sides to the right-hand edge of the centre panel. Machine stitch, taking a 1cm seam, then press the seam allowance open. Add the other side panel to the left-hand edge in the same way.

Cut 65cm of 48mm wide braid in half and pin one strip over each seam. Use the printed pattern on the fabric to make sure that they are both parallel, or double check with a tape measure or quilter’s ruler. Tack in place, then machine stitch both sides of each length using a narrow zig zag. Press lightly from the wrong side.

Cut two 32cm squares of a different floral fabric for the back panels. Press under and stitch down a 1cm single hem along the left-hand edge of one of the panels. Stitch a double 1cm hem along the right-hand edge of the other back panel, then with right sides facing and raw edges matching, pin to the right-hand side of the cushion front.

Pin the panel with the single hem to the left-hand side and tack all the way around the edge through all the layers. Machine stitch with a 1.5cm seam. Clip the surplus fabric from the corners, press the seam allowances inwards and turn right side out. Insert a 30cm x 45cm cushion pad.

Sew a square cushion

Cut 65cm lengths of 22m wide, 38mm wide and 48mm wide braid ribbon into 32cm lengths and lay the pieces out on your work surface, alternating wide and narrow strips. Move them about until you are pleased with the order.

Cut a 32cm square of striped fabric for the front panel. Pin the first strip to this, 5mm in from the lefthand edge and tack down the long edges. Sew down with a narrow zig zag and matching sewing thread. Add the other strips in the same way.

Press the completed cushion front lightly from the wrong side. Cut two 20cm x 32cm rectangles of floral or striped fabric for the back panels. Make up the cover as for the rectangular cushion and insert a 30cm square pad.