Red-haired Doll – Free sewing patterns


Flora fat quarterFabric: pale pink, 35cm x 45cm;green, 22cm x 24cmToy stuffingBobble trim, green, 20cmYarn, red, small ballThread: sewing, coordinating;embroidery, red; blue Pencil, red

Dimensions List

20cm x 40cm

Make a seoana doll

Cut 12cm x 24cm from pale pink fabric and 15cm x 24cm from your Flora fat quarter. Sew the two together with right sides facing and press a 6mm seam allowance over the floral fabric. Download the templates, print and cut out. Note that these include a 6mm seam allowance. Cut out two bodies from the attached fabrics, positioning the template so the dotted line lies across the seam.

Pin the bodies together, carefully matching the neck seam, and stitch around the side and top edges. Trim the seam allowance back to 3mm and press back a 1cm turning around the bottom opening. Turn out and stuff firmly.

Cut four 6cm x 22cm rectangles from green fabric and pin together in pairs with right sides facing. Attach the leg template and draw around. Machine stitch along the outline, leaving the top edge open. Trim the seam to 4mm, turn right side out and stuff. Slip the tops of the legs into the body opening and tack together through all the layers. Machine stitch 3mm from the edge of the body.

Cut four 13cm x 14cm rectangles from pale pink fabric and make the arms using the arm template and the same method as for the legs. Trim the seam to 3mm, press under a 1cm turning at the open edge and turn right side out. Stuff, then slip stitch the opening. Sew securely in place onto the body. Conceal the join by adding a short length of bobble trim around the top edge.

For the skirt, cut 15cm x 50cm from the remaining Flora fat quarter. Join the short edges and work zig zag stitch along the 6mm seam allowance. Zig zag the top and bottom edges, then make a 6mm hem along one edge. Press a 1cm turning at the other edge, then machine stitch with the longest straight stitch available. Draw up one of the threads to gather the fabric. Slip the skirt onto the doll, just below her arms, with the seam at the centre back. Adjust the gathers so they are even and hand stitch the folded edge to the doll.

Cut a small ball of red yarn into 40cm lengths. Draw on a hair parting line, running 2cm down the forehead and 6cm down the back of the head. Sew the hair in place using back stitch, attaching groups of three to five strands at a time. Tie in two bunches and trim the ends.

Embroider the eyes in satin stitch with two strands of blue thread. Using a single strand of red, add two small straight stitches at the corners for eyelashes, and embroider the eyebrows and nose. Work the mouth in satin stitch with two strands of red. Shade in the cheeks with red pencil.