Rainbow Embroidery Hoop – Free sewing patterns


Felt: coloured, whiteFabric, blue patternedThread, various coloursTwine, coloured, 15cmWooden embroidery hoopInterfacing, iron-onFabric glue

1 Draw around the inside ring of an embroidery hoop onto iron-on-interfacing, then cut an inch around the outside of that line, to create a larger circle. Iron the interfacing onto the back of patterned fabric and cut out the bigger shape.

2 Using the template, draw and cut out each shape from felt. Lay the pieces in place on the circle, using the hoop as a frame.

3 Pin or glue the shapes in place, then machine sew using various coloured threads. Add the clouds to each end of the rainbow, and stitch in place.

4 Press the piece, then insert it into the hoop. Pull the fabric tightly, then use the metal fixture to secure it.

5 Once you are happy with the positioning trim any excess threads, then add a piece of twine to the hoop for hanging.