Pyjama shorts – Free sewing patterns


Lightweight cotton, 1m x 1.1mCoordinating threadCotton lace trim, 1.5mRibbon, 2cm wide, 1.5m

Dimensions List

Small, medium, large

Sew pyjama shorts

1 Download the pattern and print. Cut the pattern in half as indicated and widen or enlarge it in the middle section by the measurement according to your size. Fold lightweight cotton in half widthways, right sides facing. Pin the pattern pieces onto your fabric and cut out around them through both layers. Mark the buttonhole lines.

2 Zigzag stitch along the curved edges of each piece. Keep your stitching close to the fabric edge. Lay the pieces on top of each other, right sides together, matching up the edges. Pin in place. Using a straight stitch and a 1cm seam allowance, sew through both layers of fabric along one of the curved edges. Reverse stitch at the start and end to secure. Open the seam and press. Repeat for the other curved edge.

3 Keeping the right sides of your fabric on the insides and the raw edges on the outside, fold the leg pieces so that the two seams you’ve just stitched are in the middle and lie on top of each other. Match short edge A with short edge B on one of the fabric pieces and pin together. Repeat for the other side. Using a 1cm seam allowance, stitch all the way along edges A and B on both sides, in one continuous line of sewing.

4 Sew two buttonholes over the marks you made on the fabric. With the shorts inside out, turn the waistband over by 1cm then another 3cm towards the wrong side. Pin and press. Machine stitch all the way round, 5mm above the bottom of the fold to create a channel for the ribbon. Turn up the fabric for each leg hem by 1cm, then 3cm towards the wrong side. Pin and press.

5 Stitch around both hems, 5mm down from the top of the fold. Position a length of trim around one of the legs on the right side, over the stitching. Cut so that the ends of the lace meet. Pin in place and machine stitch to secure. Repeat for the other leg. Finally, attach a safety pin to one end of a length of ribbon and thread it in through one buttonhole. Wiggle the pin through the waistband until it comes out of the other buttonhole.