Purple Anemone Felt Bouquet – Free sewing patterns


Assorted wool felt Florist wireGreen florist tape Glue gun Flat nosed pliers

1 Take a piece of wire and turn the top with pliers. Cut a circle from grey felt, 3cm in diameter, hand-sew running stitch all around the edge, then pull and secure. Glue the gathered bottom edge on top of the wire.

2 Cut a piece from speckled dark grey felt, 2cm x 20cm, and snip all the way along it at 4mm intervals, leaving a 5mm border. Glue around the border, and stick it around the edge of the grey piece. Glue tiny pieces of pale green felt in between the grey ones.

3 Cut four inner petals from your chosen felt, then cut four outer ones in a darker shade. Glue the bottom of the front of the inner petals, and secure them to the edge of the speckled grey centre. Repeat with the outer petals. Cover the stem with tape.

4 Place the flower upside down, and measure the diameter of the head base. Cut a circle of green felt which is slightly bigger, snip a hole in the middle, fold in half, and cut along the fold – from the middle of the curved edge to the snip. Shape each section like you did with the rose, then push it onto the wire and glue at its base.