Pug Dog Toy – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: fur, cream; fleece, brown; tartan Felt, pinkSafety eyes, brown, 15mmSafety nose, 15mmToy stuffingThread: embroidery, brown; sewing, strongPopper, largeBuckle, decorative

Dimensions List

23cm x 30cm

Sew a dog toy

Download templates and print. Cut out two head sides, two bodies, two tails and one underbelly that’s cut on the fold from fur fabric. Cut out one face, four ears and one muzzle from brown fleece.

On the wrong side of the fabric, fold over and machine stitch darts into each of the legs as indicated on the underbelly piece. With right sides facing, pin the two body sections together and machine stitch from the neck to the positioning of the tail as indicated. Pin the underbelly to either side of the body sections matching up the legs and the belly, also with right sides facing. Machine stitch around the shape, starting and finishing at the neck.

With right sides facing, pin the tail sections together and machine stitch, leaving a small section open. Turn the right way, stuff well and sew up the gap. Make a small hole in the rump of the dog as indicated on the template and insert the tail from the right side, making sure that it’s in the correct position once the dog is turned out. Sew the tail into place, using strong thread and making sure it is well secured. Turn the dog the right way and fill well with toy stuffing. Fold in the raw edges at the neck by 2cm and sew with small running stitches.

To make the folds in the head, cut a 17cm x 40cm rectangle of fur fabric, making sure that the fur is lying in the right direction. On the right side of the fabric, pinch 1cm horizontally and machine sew at the base of the pinch to hold the fold. Make another fold in the same way about 2cm apart. Pin the fabric to the head section template matching up the fold lines as indicated on the template, and cut out the shape.

Sew darts into the head side sections as indicated. With right sides facing, pin the head side sections together from the nose down to the front of the neck and machine stitch into place. Pin the head section to the head sides and machine stitch in one go, starting at one side of the neck and finishing at the other.

With right sides facing, pin the ear sections together in pairs and machine stitch around the shape. Make slits in the head as indicated on the template and insert the ears from the right side. Pin into place and turn the head the right way to check that they are in the correct position. Once you are happy, sew into place. Stuff the head well. Turn the raw edge of the head under by 2cm and sew with small running stitches. Pin the head to the body and sew on securely using strong thread.

Turn the edges of the face section under by 1cm and sew with running stitches. Do the same for the muzzle. Make a small hole in the muzzle as indicated and insert a safety nose. Position the muzzle in the centre of the face and sew on using small whip stitches leaving a gap at the bottom. Make small holes in the face and insert safety eyes.

Pin the face to the head and sew on using small stitches. Cut out a tongue from a scrap of pink felt and sew to the inside of the muzzle. Pad the muzzle with a little wadding and sew up the gap. Stitch on the mouth using brown embroidery thread in chain stitch.

Cut out a 9cm x 37cm strip of tartan fabric, fold in half and machine stitch down the long edge. Turn right side out and topstitch along both long edges, then turn in the ends and topstitch. Wrap around the dog’s neck and mark where to place a popper so it fits snugly. Sew on, add a decorative buckle and return to the dog’s neck as a collar.