Pudding Doorstop – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: red, green spotCorduroy, brown Felt: white, cream Wadding Fibre fillingBlack and brown buttons, various sizes Stones or similar for weights

Download the templates from sewmag.co.uk. Cut six of the main segment from corduroy. Hand-sew various sized buttons onto the midsection of each one, leaving a 2cm border from the raw edges free.

Take two of the segments and sew, right sides together, along one curved edge using a 1cm seam allowance. Keep adding segments in this way. When you get to the last piece, attach as before, leaving a space in the middle for turning. Turn right side out, then add more buttons near the seams.

Stuff firmly, then insert weights at the bottom before hand-stitching the gap closed. Set aside. Place the sauce template on the fold of the white felt and cut out. Repeat, then place the pieces on top of each other and machine-sew around the edge. Using freemotion embroidery, add a decorative wavy line over the surface. Lay the sauce on top of the pudding, then hand-stitch it on using white thread, concealing the stitches.

Draw around the holly template onto the wrong side of green fabric, then cut out, adding a 5mm border. Turn the template over and repeat. Place each leaf onto a slightly larger green fabric portion, right sides together, with a piece of wadding underneath, then pin together.

Machine-sew each leaf along the drawn outline, leaving a gap for turning. Trim away the excess fabric and use pinking shears to carefully cut into the curves, then turn each leaf right side out.

Close the gap and press. Lay a thin strip of cream felt along each central leaf vein and use dark green thread to attach. Stitch side veins in dark green thread. Use fabric glue to attach the holly leaves to the pudding.

To make the berry, cut a 7cm circle from red fabric. Hand-sew a line of running stitches all the way around 5mm from the edge, then gather slightly. Fill with stuffing then pull the thread tightly and fasten off securely. Use fabric glue to secure to the holly.