Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
Printies Design Studio - A Hot Christmas Toy, But Why?

Printies Design Studio - A Hot Christmas Toy, But Why?

Printies Design Studio is a new product introduction from Techno Source. This fun and creative new activity kit is designed to let kids turn online artistic creations into stuffed toys. The kits and packs use the PC and inkjet printer that the family already owns, and give the child the ability to use the design capabilities at MyPrinties.com, along with Printies fabric sheets to create soft stuffed toys. Standard inkjet printers can easily print the Printies fabric sheets, even on both sides. All that the child then needs to do is tear their creation out along the already perforated edges, and stuff their new toy creation.

The process is extremely easy, without the mess of glue, and there is no need for cutting or sewing. Within three easy steps, a child is able to design and create their own stuffed toy. The online design studio at MyPrinties.com lets them create their own custom design, and then they can insert one of the Printies fabric sheets into their home inkjet printer and simply print it out. The fabric sheets are simple to print on, and work just like printing on paper.

After printing, all that remains to be done in order to bring their stuffed toy creation to life is to tear out the printed design along the perforated edges, and use the stuffing tool to complete the toy creation process. The stuffing tool and even the stuffing itself are included in the kit, along with colorful philadelphia phillies shirt for the toy creation to wear that seals in the stuffing. Not only is the entire process a lot of fun for children, but it also encourages creative artistic abilities, and gives the child a real sense of pride and accomplishment that they were able to create the toy completely on their own.

The design studio at the enclosed site is very full-featured and gives children some experience at using online design tools. Children can choose from a myriad of online art and design tools, which can let them color, paint and resize. They have the choice of starting with quick start templates that they can customize, or can design every pixel of their design themselves by starting with a blank canvas. They can even add their own art to the process, including custom graphics and scanned photos. Even though the outline on the Printies fabric sheet and pre-sewn template is the same as the one another child uses, their individual creations will be one-of-a-kind and totally unique. Even the same child will not make the same creation twice, since there are such a wide variety of creative techniques that can be used to create a Printies creation.

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