Pineapple block wall hanging – Free sewing patterns


Assorted cotton prints, blue, green, yellow, orange, pinkWhite cotton, 1.5m4oz quilt wadding, 1m

Dimensions List

Block: 30cm x 59cmHanging: 35cm x 1m

sew a pineapple block

1 Cut five 9cm squares from white cotton and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on one side with pencil. Cut three more 9cm squares from blue/green shades of fabric and two 9cm squares from warmer colours. Place the fabric squares right sides together onto the white pieces and stitch 5mm either side of the pencil line. Cut along the line, open out and press to make half square triangles (HSTs).

2 Cut two 8.5cm white squares plus four 8.5cm squares from blue and green material and 16, 8.5cm squares in an assortment of yellow, orange and pink cottons. Lay the squares and HSTs out in a four by eight grid to form the pineapple shape, rearranging the colours to give a shaded effect from left to right. Take a quick snap on your phone if you’re able, for reference.

3 Sew the pieces right sides together in pairs, stitch the pairs together to make small square blocks and then sew the blocks into the pineapple panel. Press all the seams to the darker side as you work to keep the joins as flat as possible.

make a wall hanging

1 Create three pineapple blocks, making each one slightly darker than the last for a ombre effect.

2 Cut several 4cm wide strips of white cotton to use as sashing and borders between and around the blocks. Press the completed three fruit panel and layer onto wadding and the remaining white cotton fabric. Pin in place before topstitching around the outline of the coloured shape.

3 Fold under 5mm of the border and pin. Trim the wadding to this line and the backing fabric 1cm bigger all round. Fold the backing fabric over the wadding and pin the folded border edge to it, mitring the corners neatly.

4 Cut two pieces of white fabric, 6cm x 12cm, and fold in half lengthways. Stitch down the edge to make a tube and turn right side out. Fold each tube in half to make hanging loops and tuck these between the pinned fabrics in the top corners of the design. Topstitch all around the border, 2mm from the edge.