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Patrick Mateo was arrested Thursday morning after a viral video showed him throwing a 52-year-old woman to the ground after a verbal altercation near Main Street. The video, taken from grainy surveillance footage, has earned more than 250,000 views on Instagram.

Mateo has been charged with assault and stalking, according to police. Actress Oliva Munn credited the NYPD and “everyone who cared on social media” for identifying the suspect who pushed her friend’s mother during a robbery at a Queens bakery earlier this week. .

“I love the internet today,” she said during an appearance on CNN with his old friend Sam Cheng, whose mother was pushed to the ground on a Flushing sidewalk.

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Patrick Mateo is 47 years old.

Charges – Arrested

Cheng said the attack is not being treated as a hate crime, which is one of the reasons he is speaking out is for people to understand the difference.

“We can’t technically, legally, call it a hate crime, I think,” she said. “And I wonder how many other crimes there are that legally cannot be called hate crimes. I just want to spread awareness there.”

The suspect, Patrick Mateo, was charged with assault in the third degree and stalking in the second degree.

“We don’t tend to report a lot of these things, we tend to take it on the chin and move on,” Munn said of the Asian-American community. “When we ask people for help, we say that we need help to feel safe in our country, to be safe in our country. What they saw yesterday and in recent days is that people care.”

The incident occurred shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday on Roosevelt Avenue, where authorities say the man began yelling at the 52-year-old victim and threw a box of spoons at him.

“Get the (expletive) out of my way,” he supposedly said before pushing her to the ground.

She fell and hit her head against a newsstand and was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Queens in stable condition.

The criminal complaint said that she lost consciousness of her and Cheng said that her mother needed about 10 stitches to close the wound on her forehead.

“She is still in shock, she is glad to be alive,” she said. “She’s happy that she got away with a pretty twisted wound, but not enough to the point that she incapacitates her.”

Witnesses said the suspect was cursing the victim moments before the shove.

“The guy just peeked out of the cafeteria and said, ‘I’m going to screw you,’” witness Derrick Chan said. “And then all of a sudden he comes out and throws a box of spoons at her. And then he just makes a soccer bag and pushes it to the ground.”

Mateo was arraigned and released with supervision. No return court date has yet been set.

He was arrested by police who arrived at his home Thursday morning and reportedly told the officers “he knew why the police were there because someone had sent him the pictures from social media.”