Patchwork Tablet Cover – Free sewing patterns


Cotton: white; fabric scrapsLightweight waddingButton

1 Cut strips, 4.5cm x 35cm, from patterned fabric. Place right sides together and sew to create a 26cm-deep panel. Press the seams and trim a 4cm section from one side for the closure. Layer the panel on wadding and backing fabric, then topstitch the seams.

2 Square the edges and fold in half, right sides together. Pin and sew the sides, then trim the seam allowance and neaten with zig zag stitch. Flatten the pouch so the seam sits in the centre and zig zag stitch the base.

3 Trim 2cm of wadding from the top, fold a double hem and slip-stitch. To create the strap, cut fabric into a 14cm strip and quilt onto the wadding. Place face down on cotton and sew the sides, creating a point at the short end.

4 Clip the corners and turn out. Tuck in the raw edges of the short edge, slip-stitch closed and hand-stitch the strap to the inside of the case. Create a buttonhole and sew a button in place.