Patchwork Star Coasters – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Christmas Village fat quarters; white cottonLightweight quilt wadding

1 Download and print the template. Cut six diamond shapes from three different fabrics, adding a 0.5cm seam allowance onto each edge. Sew three contrasting pieces together on the lower diagonals to make a fan shape, then repeat with the remaining three pieces. Stitch the two fans together to make a star, matching the centre seams accurately, then press.

2 Pin the star face down onto a 20cm star of white cotton, backed with quilt wadding. Stitch around the edges, leaving a 3cm gap in the centre of one Create star coasters straight edge. Trim away the excess fabric, clip the inner corners and cut off the points before turning out through the gap.

3 Use a point turner to ensure the arms of the star are turned out properly. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and slip-stitch closed. Topstitch from the centre of the star out to all points and angles.