Patchwork Collectable Series: Log Cabin Block – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics, Dreamin’ Vintage collection, 20 prints, fat eighth of each; cotton, white, 1m Wadding, lightweight, 1m

Dimensions List

Block: 30cm squareQuilt: 90cm x 120cmNote : Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Make a log cabin block

Prepare your fabrics by cutting a 6cm x 50cm strip from each different design. Choose two contrasting pieces and cut a 6cm square from each strip. Sew together and finger press the resulting rectangle flat.

Take another strip of fabric and pin right sides together with the right-hand long edge of the rectangle [1]. Stitch in place and finger press flat.

Use a ruler to draw a line across the fabric strip, level with the original rectangle, and cut to make a square panel [2].

Pin a different strip of fabric along the bottom edge of the square, and another on the right. Stitch and trim to a square. Continue, working in a clockwise direction [3], building up the pattern with a mixture of prints until you have used 11 strips and the block is 31cm square. Press and square up if necessary.

Sew a quilt

Make 12 blocks, using different mixes of fabrics to ensure each print is used up equally. Cut more strips of fabric where necessary. Press each block on the reverse.

Assemble the blocks into a quilt top, matching up seams where necessary. Fold in 5mm along the edges and press, mitring the corners.

Lay down white cotton fabric, place wadding on top and position the quilt top over the stack. Pin in place at regular intervals. Stitch in the ditch around the 20cm square in the middle of each block.

Trim the wadding to the size of the quilt top. Cut the backing fabric 2cm bigger than the quilt top and fold the edges over the wadding to line up with the pressed edges of the top. Mitre the corners. Pin and topstitch the edges together 2mm from the hem.