Patchwork Collectable Series: Coffee Pot Block – Free sewing patterns


**Coffee pot block**Fabric, assorted prints, scrapsPaper, freezer, wax coatedWadding, quiltThread: sewing; embroidery**Table centrepiece**Fabric: Art Gallery Fabrics,Minimalista collection,Flora Watermelon; PrismaWatermelon; ScriptWatermelon; FloraHoneycomb; ScriptHoneycomb; DartsTurquoise; Script Noir, fatquarter of each; sheeting, cotton, whiteThread, sewing

Dimensions List

**Coffee pot block**20cm square**Table centrepiece**60cm square

Make your coffee pot block

Download the template for this project. Trace the block pattern onto the un-waxed side of freezer paper, then cut out each section. Remember that the final design will come out as a mirror image.

Choose the colours and patterns you want to use in your block. Using contrasting colours for the object and the background really helps to make the design stand out, for instance shades of blue and green for the background, then pink and orange for the coffee pot.

Iron the pieces of freezer paper to the wrong side of your chosen fabrics. Use a see-through quilter’s guide to draw a 5mm seam allowance around each section. Cut the pieces out accurately to ensure they can be assembled easily. [Fig. 1]

Assemble the pieces in numerical order, right sides together. Line up the raw edges of the fabric and hold up to the light to check the freezer paper is lined up properly. Adjust if necessary. Tack the two pieces together in the centre of the seam allowance. [Fig. 2]

Machine stitch the two pieces together in line with the edge of the freezer paper. Remove the tacking stitches, open out and press the seam to one side. Leave the freezer paper in place.

For the coffee pot you will need to sew the following pieces into sections: one, two and three; four, five and six; seven, eight and nine; 10, 11 and 12; 13, 14 and 15. These sections can then be sewn together easily [Fig. 3] before adding the wide strips (16 and 17) at the top and bottom.

Press the finished picture, peel away the freezer paper, then press again. Fold and press a 5mm hem along the edges of the block before adding borders as desired.

Add embroidered detail such as lettering or steam from the spout before layering the block onto wadding and backing fabric, and quilting around the design.