Patchwork Christmas Stocking – Free sewing patterns


Fat quarters, Gütermann, Long IslandLining cotton, 45cm x 60cm

1 Download and print the template. Cut two stockings from lining fabric, two rectangles from printed cotton, 17cm x 24cm, and a strip, 4cm x 20cm. Cut the remaining printed cottons into random straight-edged pieces, and place two similar sized pieces together, right sides facing, then stitch down one edge. Continue doing this, adding more pieces until there are two 45cm x 30cm fabric pieces.

2 Press the seams to the back of the fabric, either to the left or right side depending on the stitching. Cut the outer stocking pieces from this patchwork. Mark and cut one piece of patchwork with the right side of the template facing up and the second piece facing down. Don’t disrupt the open stitches.

3 Pin the shorter side of the cuff to the top of a stocking lining piece, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Take a corresponding patchwork stocking and pin it to the other short side of the same cuff. Pair with right sides facing up so the stocking lining and patchwork are positioned in a mirror image. Stitch where pinned and repeat with the other stocking pieces.

4 With right sides facing, patchwork on top of patchwork and lining on top of lining, pin together around the whole perimeter leaving a 13cm gap at the bottom of the lining foot pieces. Fold the 4cm x 20cm strip in half lengthways and stitch down the length, leaving a 1cm seam. Trim excess fabric and turn inside out.

5 Move the seam to the middle, press and fold in half to create a loop, keeping the seam hidden on the inside of the fold. Pin this with the loop facing inwards in between the cuff pieces (where the cuff meets the patchwork and to the back of the stocking, the same side as the heel sits).

6 Stitch from the bottom of the lining up and around the cuff, patchwork, cuff again and back down to the lining, leaving a 13cm gap. Pull the patchwork through this gap and press. Sew in the hole and tuck the lining inside the patchwork.