Owl Toy – Free sewing patterns


Cotton fabric, patternedFelt, navy, coral, blue, pink, orangeToy stuffingEmbroidery thread

Dimensions List

19cm x 20cm

Sew Otis Owl

1 Login and download the template. Cut twelve 5cm x 21cm strips of different fabrics and sew right sides together to make a long striped panel. Press all the seams to one side and cut two shapes from the patchwork using the owl template.

2 Snip two 3cm, two 4cm and two 6cm circles from shades of green and blue felt, then layer together to make the eyes as pictured. Stitch them to one owl shape and add a pink felt beak below them. Sew the two owl pieces right sides together, leaving a 5cm gap along the bottom edge. Clip the curves and turn out through the gap. Stuff, then turn in the raw edges of the gap and slip stitch closed.

3 Snip two feet from pink felt and two from orange. Sew together in matching pairs using small running stitch, and lightly stuff. Stitch the feet to the bottom of the owl by sewing through the centre of each one, as if it were a button.