Oven mitts – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, patterned, 25cmWadding: Insul-Bright, 25cmBinding, cotton, 25mmBinding foot

Dimensions List

16.5cm x 21cm

Using the templates cut a heart and pair of finger slots from patterned cotton, snipping the notches as indicated. Cut another heart from Insul-Bright and a third from a different cotton print.

Pin coordinating binding along the straight edge of the finger slots and stitch into place. Pin the two cotton heart-shaped mitt pieces together with wrong sides facing and the Insul-Bright in between.

Using the notches as a guide, lay the finger slots in place. Tack through all of the layers, using a long running stitch and contrasting thread, to hold them in place. Secure binding around the heart, starting at the bottom point and using a binding foot, if possible. Trim any excess material down to 1cm, fold under and hand stitch.

Fold a 10cm strip of binding in half and straight stitch along the side. Bend to form a loop and stitch the raw edges into place at the centre of the top of the mitt, to finish.