One Cardigan, Three Ways! – Free sewing patterns



CardiganBeads: pearlRibbon: organza,4cm wide, yellowNetting: in acoordinating colourFeather trim: 1mButtons: crystal hearts; sparkleflowers; butterfliesPaper

Dimensions List

This project is custom sized

Create a Beaded Collar

Make a collar template. Unbutton and lay the front of a cardigan onto a piece of white paper, ensuring it is flat. Draw around the shape of the neck line from shoulder to buttonband. Draw a 5cm wide Peter Pan collar shape, using the neck line as the inner edge.

Cut out the paper template, and use it to trim a collar from netting in a coordinating colour. Flip the template over and repeat to cut a collar piece for the opposite side of the cardigan. Press, using a cloth to protect the netting.

Bead the net pieces. To get a striking, textured look we used a variety of pearl beads in different sizes and two complementary colours. Carefully hand stitch the beads onto the netting, densely covering it without leaving any spaces.

Stitch the beaded collarpieces onto the cardigan using a hand running stitch along the top edge. For extra sparkle, care fully snip off the buttons that came with the cardigan and instead stitch on a selection of crystal fastenings.

Stich a Feather Trim

Measure the length of the cardigan neckline. Cut a 1.5cm wide piece of netting to the same measurement, plus a length of feathered marabou trim.

Stitch the feather trim onto the strip of netting, using small hand stitches and ensuring not to catch too many of the feathers in the work as this will flatten them.

Stitch the feathered strip onto the cardigan neckline using a hand running stitch. Remove the original buttons on the cardigan and instead stitch on a selection of sparkle flower fastenings.

Embellish with Fabric Rosettes

Create a collection of yellow ribbon roses. To make each one, cut 30cm of ribbon, and fold one edge over to create a right angle. Wind the ribbon around the fold tightly, nipping the base of the bud with your figure tips, to create the centre of the flower.

Turn the folded ribbon over, nip the base again,and wrap. Winding the ribbon around the centre bud creates the petals. Hand stitch through the centre to secure the flower. Create enough blooms to cove r the neck line of the cardigan.

Measure the length of the cardigan neck line. Cut a 1.5cm wide piece of netting to the same measurement. Stitch each flower into place along the strip, then sew the collar onto the neck line with a hand running stitch. Replace the standard cardigan buttons with yellow butterflies for a pretty finishing touch.